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17 October 2019

Easily checking for deadlinks on are getting some refreshed content continuously. In addition, a series of links not working (returning a 404) have been fixed. Here is how it was done. First we used the muffet tool. muffet is a fast link checker crawler, very easy to use: sudo snap install muffet Then after booting the hugo documentation server, we point to its url. We also blacklist certain urls to avoid some noisy false positives:…

2 minutes read - Administration / Version 4.6

10 October 2019

Integration with Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store Gen2

Hue continues its progress to make the Cloud platforms easier to use. We’re happy to preset compatibility with Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store Gen2 (ADLS Gen2). Hue 4.6 release brings the ability to read and write from a configured ADLS Gen2. Almost like ADLS, users can save data to ADLS Gen2 without copying or moving to HDFS. The difference between ADLS Gen1 and Gen2 is that ADLS Gen2 does not rely on the HDFS driver.…

3 minutes read - Browsing / Version 4.6

24 September 2019

Introducing Hue requests tracing with Opentracing and Jaeger in Kubernetes

Hue is getting easy to run with its Docker container and Kubernetes Helm package. Recent blog posts describes how to get access to logs and metrics. Even in a non distributed world it can get noisy to know how much time is being spent where in each user request. Consequently, in the context of a Data Analyst, knowing why a certain query is slow can become problematic. On top of that, adding multiple tenants and users, and more than 20 external APIs and the fog about fine grain performances appears and its becomes extremely manual and time consuming to troubleshoot.…

3 minutes read - Administration / Querying / Version 4.6

16 September 2019

Collecting Hue metrics with Prometheus in Kubernetes

Hue is getting easy to run with its Docker container and Kubernetes Helm package. Hue metrics are useful for checking the load (how many users), slowness (average or percentile times taken by requests)… Those have been available via the /metrics page, but here is how to collect and aggregate this information in Kubernetes. Prometheus is the metric collecting system heavily used in the Kubernetes world. Here we will leverage the Microk8s distribution that bundles it.…

2 minutes read - Administration / Version 4.6

11 September 2019

Collecting and querying Hue logs with Fluentd in Kubernetes

Hue is getting easy to run with its Docker container and Kubernetes Helm package. Then when the service is up, let’s see how we can retrieve and analyse the logs. Fluentd is a log management system that is heavily used in the Kubernetes world. Here we will leverage the Microk8s distribution that bundles it.  First we install the fluentd add-on: microk8s.enable fluentd And see that the Elastic Search, Fluentd and Kibana UI are running:…

2 minutes read - Administration / Version 4.6

12 August 2019

Hue 4.5 and its improvements are out!

Hi SQL Data Explorers,  The Hue Team is glad to thanks all the contributors and release Hue 4.5! The focus of this release was to modularize the tech stack, improve SQL integrations and prepare major upcoming features. This release comes with 660 commits and 150+ bug fixes! For all the changes, check out the release notes. They are several ways to give it a spin! Tarball or source From Docker Hub docker pull gethue/4.…

1 minute read - Querying / Version 4 / Release

09 August 2019

Built-in Hive language reference in the SQL Editor

Similarly to the Apache Impala dialect, the Editor now provides a direct access to Hive documentation in the right panel. It is also still possible to right click on an instruction to get more details about it. We hope that it makes your SQL querying even more productive!   Any feedback or question? Feel free to comment here or on the Forum or @gethue and quick start SQL querying!…

1 minute read - Querying / Browsing / Version 4

07 August 2019

SQL querying Apache HBase with Apache Phoenix

Apache Phoenix is a great addon to extent SQL on top of Apache HBase, the non relational distributed data store. On top of the HBase Browser, now the Editor provides a more common syntax for querying the data. Note that being a key/value store, the SQL can have different idioms, and the Editor interface still requires some polishing to fully support all the SQL UX capabilities of Hue. In this post about Phoenix, let's follow Phoenix's 15-minute tutorial then query the US_POPULATION table via the Editor:…

2 minutes read - Querying / Browsing / Version 4 / Version 4.8

26 July 2019

Hue in Kubernetes

Let’s see how to automate the deployment further and run this into a container orchestration like Kubernetes.  We previously documented the Hue Docker image that provides the latest Hue web server into a “box”. Hue ships with a Helm chart to make it really easy to get started. Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes. More advanced, directly use the yaml config files. In a Shell, after installing Helm, just execute these three instructions to boot a live Hue with its database:…

1 minute read - Administration / Version 4

24 July 2019

Quick Start a Hue development environment in 3 minutes with Docker

Looking at simplifying the usage of Databases and Datawarehouses or learning how to build Cloud webapps? Hue would be a great candidate for you! Typically the development is made natively but here is a new way to quickly get started with Docker:  git clone cd hue cp desktop/conf/pseudo-distributed.ini.tmpl desktop/conf/pseudo-distributed.ini Then edit the [[database]] section to specify a proper database, here MySql: host= # Not localhost if Docker engine=mysql user=hue password=hue name=huedb Then map the local Hue source code into the running container (so that local edits are seen in the running Hue): sudo docker run -it -v $PWD/apps:/usr/share/hue/apps -v $PWD/desktop:/usr/share/hue/desktop -v $PWD/desktop/conf/pseudo-distributed.…

1 minute read - Administration / Version 4

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