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05 April 2021

Interactively Querying HBase via SQL - Tech Talk

Grow your user base able to leverage data stored in HBase via SQL queries with Apache Phoenix and the Hue Web SQL Editor. April 1st 2021 (not a joke ;) we did a tech talk (nicely organized by the Apache Phoenix project) on the underlying technology enabling SQL queries on Apache HBase tables. See the slides: Executing Phoenix queries in Hue SQL Editor For people not familiar with HBase, imagine a giant big table specialized in storing and updating in real time any type of records.…

2 minutes read - Version 4.10 / Phoenix

09 March 2021

Process & Learnings when upgrading the Webserver Stack - Django Upgrade (1.11 to 3.1)

The Hue project was started around 10 years back. In the meantime some of our technologies were getting old or deprecated, hence we need to upgrade them for the bright future of HUE. So In this, the Django upgrade was one of the most important ones. We were using Django 1.11 before this upgrade, for which extended support was ended in April 2020. Goal Hue running with Django 3.1 (latest) while still being able to compile/run with 1.…

4 minutes read - Version 4.10 / Development

06 March 2021

Performing Web/API Service upgrades without Downtime

By leveraging Kubernetes rollouts. This is a series of post describing how the Hue Query Service is being built. Automation well done frees-up from repetitive manual tasks while also documenting the process: team members get more productive at working at adding value instead and keep the momentum. Now, how to update automatically the refresh of the project websites without any downtime and manual steps. as well as (and not to forget jp.…

3 minutes read - Version 4.10 / Development

04 March 2021

Introducing Vue 3 & Web Components in Hue Query Editor

The Hue project has a longevity of more than 10 years. Over these years some of the technologies we use have become rather old fashioned. So while discussing the improvements to be made in Hue, upgrading UI technology was among the top. Hue uses a combination of Mako and Knockout JS libraries to create all the UI magic. As newer libraries bring more productivity at this point, we decided to start a hunt for the latest best.…

8 minutes read - Version 4.10 / Development

02 February 2021

Hue 4.9 and its new SQL dialects and components are out!

Hi Data Explorers, The Hue Team is glad to thanks all the contributors and release Hue 4.9!  This release brings all these improvements on top of 4.8. 4.9 brings several improvements on top of the previous release. Several blog posts already detailed some of them, but here is a general summary. First, the support of many SQL dialects has been improved, with in particular Apache Phoenix, Dask SQL, Apache Flink SQL.…

2 minutes read - Version 4.9 / Release

10 January 2021

SQL Querying a log stream and outputting Calculations to another stream

Initially published on Log analysis tutorial from an Apache Kafka data stream via Flink SQL, ksqlDB & Hue Editor. Real time queries on streams on data is a modern way to perform powerful analyses as demoed in the previous post. This time we will see a more personalized scenario by querying our own logs generated in the Web Query Editor. First, thank you to the community for all the improvements on the open source projects mentioned below, with in particular Flink Version 1.…

3 minutes read - Tutorial / Version 4.9 / Flink SQL / ksqlDB

31 December 2020

A Spark SQL Editor via Hue and the Spark SQL Server

Write and Execute some Spark SQL quickly in your own Web Editor. Initially published on Apache Spark is popular for wrangling/preparing data, especially when embedding some SQL snippets to keep the data manipulation programs declarative and simpler. One good news is that the SQL syntax is very similar to Apache Hive so the very powerful Hive autocomplete of Hue works very well. Here we will describe how to integrate with the Spark SQL Thrift Server interface that might be already available in your stack.…

3 minutes read - Tutorial / Version 4.9 / Spark SQL

17 November 2020

Easy Querying of live Kafka data in a Big Table like HBase with Phoenix SQL

Phoenix brings SQL to HBase and let you query Kafka data streams Initially published on Apache HBase is a massive key value database in the Big Table family. It excels in random read/write and is distributed. The Hue Query Assistant is a versatile SQL compose Web application with a goal of making database querying easy and ubiquitous within organizations. In this post we will demo the recent integration of Apache Phoenix which provides a SQL interfacing layer to HBase, hence making it easy to query.…

4 minutes read - Tutorial / Version 4.9 / Phoenix

20 October 2020

Tutorial on querying live streams of data with Flink SQL

Real time data querying is becoming a modern standard. Who wants to wait until the next day or week when needing to take decision now? Apache Flink SQL is an engine now offering SQL on bounded/unbounded streams of data. The streams can come from various sources and here we picked the popular Apache Kafka. This tutorial is based on the great Flink SQL demo Building an End-to-End Streaming Application but focuses on the end user querying experience.…

4 minutes read - Tutorial / Version 4.9 / Flink SQL

20 October 2020

Tutorial on querying live streams of data with ksql (Kafka SQL)

Real time data querying is becoming a modern standard. Who wants to wait until the next day or week when needing to take decision now? The stream of data comes from an Apache Kafka topic which can be queried via ksqlDB. Components To keep things simple, all the pieces have been put together in a “one-click” Docker Compose project which contains: ksqlDB from the ksqlDB quickstart A Hue Editor already configured with the ksqlDB Editor One-line setup For fetching the configurations and starting everything:…

3 minutes read - Tutorial / Version 4.9 / ksqlDB

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