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22 June 2020

Automated checks for JavaScript modules compatible licenses and non absolute paths with Continuous Integration

Hi Interface Builders, The investment in Continuous Integration (CI) and automation continues in order to help scale the resource and quality of the Hue project. This past year saw a lot of improvements with an integrated commit flow and adding series of link checking automatically run by Circle CI. Here is the latest about how to automatically check that JavaScript artifacts have the correct licensing and do not contain absolute paths.…

2 minutes read - Administration / Version 4.8

19 May 2020

How to grant Ranger permissions for a new user on a Secure Cluster

Hello, Hue administrators, The Apache Ranger™is a framework to enable, monitor and manage comprehensive data security across the Hadoop platform. Hue integrates with Ranger since Hue4.6, on any secure cluster with Ranger installed, the user has to have proper permissions to operate on the data to avoid following permission warning. Here let's show the detailed steps to grant permission for any new user through CM UI. Steps On any CM managed cluster, you can navigate to Ranger service, note down the ‘Ranger Usersync’ host on “Instances” tab, then open ‘Ranger Admin Web UI’ open a terminal and ssh to your ranger usersync host which you noted down at Step 1;…

2 minutes read - Administration / Version 4.8

06 May 2020

SQL Editor for Apache Flink SQL

Flink SQL Editor This is the very first version of the SQL Editor for Flink. The goal is to demo how to execute Flink SQL queries. We use the new Flink SQL gateway project and point to a Flink cluster with live data in a docker container. Hue is used as the SQL Editor for querying Flink tables. Feel free to read more about Flink SQL and continuous queries. Setup Any Flink 1.…

4 minutes read - Querying / Version 4.8

05 May 2020

How to Configure Hue to authenticate with Apache Knox SSO on a Secure Cluster

Hello, Hue administrators, The Apache Knox™ Gateway is an Application Gateway for interacting with the REST APIs and UIs of Apache Hadoop deployments. Hue supports KnoxSpnegoDjango since Hue4.6, we can turn on Hue’s KnoxSpnegoDjango auth by updating Hue configurations through CM UI or hue.ini. On any cluster with Knox service installed, update hue.ini as following and restart Hue: [desktop] [[auth]] backend=desktop.auth.backend.KnoxSpnegoDjangoBackend [[knox]] knox_principal=knox, Or on any CM managed cluster, Hue can be configured with KnoxSpnegoDjango backend through CM UI: Fill knox_proxyhosts field with accurate knox proxy hostname, you can get the hosts by navigating to Clusters->KNOX, and click on ‘Instances’ tab: For Knox HA cluster, you can fill in all the hosts by clicking on “+” icon: Click ‘Save Changes’, you will see a warning about role missing kerberos keytab.…

2 minutes read - Administration / Version 4.8

30 April 2020

SQL Editor for Apache Impala

Impala SQL Apache Impala is a fast SQL engine for your data warehouse. Want to give it a quick try in 3 minutes? Here is how! Starting Impala First make sure your have docker installed in your system. Then, based on the great tutorial of Apache Kudu (which we will cover next, but in the meantime the Kudu Quickstart is worth a look), just execute: docker run -d --name kudu-impala -p 21000:21000 -p 21050:21050 -p 25000:25000 -p 25010:25010 -p 25020:25020 --memory=4096m apache/kudu:impala-latest impala Afterwards, docker ps should show:…

2 minutes read - Querying / Version 4.8

27 April 2020

SQL Editor for Apache Spark SQL with Livy

Spark SQL Spark SQL is convenient for embedding clean data querying logic within your Spark apps. Hue brings an Editor so that it is easier to develop your SQL snippets. As detailed in the documentation, Spark SQL comes with different connectors. Here we will just show with Livy. Apache Livy provides a bridge to a running Spark interpreter so that SQL, pyspark and scala snippets can be executed interactively. In the hue.…

1 minute read - Querying / Version 4.8

10 April 2020

Hue 4.7 and its improvements are out!

Hi Data Explorers,  The Hue Team is glad to thanks all the contributors and release Hue 4.7!  The focus of this release was to keep building on top of 4.6, modularize the tech stack, improve SQL integrations and prepare major features of Hue 5. Some highlights: Top blue button has been converted to a menu in the left side Birthday time: its was the 10 years of Hue!…

3 minutes read - Version 4.7 / Release

07 April 2020

Admin improvements coming in 4.7!

Hi SQL crunchers, The upcoming 4.7 release brings a series of improvements to make the life of the admin better. Here is a selection: All the server properties are listed on the admin page as well as the location of the config page. This is a lot of parameters and sections! Now those can be spot light search via a filter. The delete flow of a user now disables instead of deleting (to avoid losing the saved documents and queries).…

1 minute read - Version 4.7 / Administration

01 April 2020

Hue Active Users Metric Improvements

To understand the performance of Hue, we want to know how many active users in Hue–and more specifically–how many on each host. An active user is who sends requests from his/her browser to the Hue server in the last one hour. Recently, Hue got some improvements for providing and displaying better metrics. On premise, Hue is using PyFormance implements /desktop/metrics endpoint. Cloudera Manager collects data via the endpoint and displays the metric “Active Users” in the Charts Library, but all hosts show the same number of active users.…

2 minutes read - Administration / Version 4.7

01 April 2020

Set Up Prometheus Server without Kubernetes

To taste Hue prometheus metrics, you may set up a Prometheus server to scrape the metrics endpoint /metrics on a Hue server (which may not need to run in docker or Kubernetes). Here is the set up example on Ubuntu 16.4. Prerequisites: a Hue server running at localhost:8000. Create a service user $ sudo useradd --no-create-home --shell /bin/false prometheus `` Create a directory in /etc for Prometheus’ configuration files and a directory in /var/lib for its data…

2 minutes read - Administration / Version 4.7

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