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10 February 2020

The Hue SQL Query Experience for your Data Warehouse

Hue has just blown its 10th candle! In this follow-up #2 of the series, let's describe what a SQL Cloud Editor is. The top two capabilities of a SQL Cloud Editor are: Data Querying Experience: offer a SQL querying assistant that helps users self service their own query need while educating them on the data and syntax know-how. Cloud Native: scale by providing as much as “no-ops” as possible by automating the operation of the service.…

12 minutes read - Version 4

28 January 2020

10 years of Data Querying Experience Evolution with Hue

Hue has just blown its 10th candle. Hue was created when Apache Hadoop was still in its infancy before becoming mainstream (read more about the Hadoop story in Hadoop is Dead. Long live Hadoop). Hue originally was a part of Cloudera Manager, which was proprietary and focused more on the administrators but was then moved out to its own open source project in version 0.3. Hue then gradually evolved from being a desktop like application to a modern single page SQL Editor (and is at version 4.…

3 minutes read - Version 4

05 December 2019

Hue 4.6 and its improvements are out!

Hi Data Explorers,  The Hue Team is glad to thanks all the contributors and release Hue 4.6!  The focus of this release was to keep building on top of 4.5 and modularize the tech stack, improve SQL integrations and prepare major upcoming features of Hue 5. In particular now: Python 3 support can be tested There is a new version of and the content of was revamped The new version of the Editor with multi execution contexts and more robustness is 66% done Build your own or improve SQL parsers with highlighter This release comes with 650+ commits and 100+ bug fixes!…

3 minutes read - Version 4 / Release

13 November 2019

Visually surfacing SQL information like Primary Keys, Foreign Keys, Views and Complex Types

Hi SQL crunchers, The Datawarehouse ecosystem with Apache Hive and Apache Impala is getting more complete with the introduction of transactions. In practice, this means your tables can now support Primary Keys, INSERTs, DELETEs and UPDATEs as well as Partition Keys. Here is a tutorial demoing how Hue's SQL Editor helps you quickly visualize and use these instructions via its assists and autocomplete components. Primary Keys Primary Keys shows up like Partition Keys with the lock icon:…

3 minutes read - Version 4

31 October 2019

Missing some color? How to improve or add your own SQL syntax Highlighter

Hue’s Editor SQL functionalities makes it much more easier to query your databases and datawarehouses. It was previously described about how to improve or create your own SQL autocompleter so that the Querying Experience gets even more effective. This post is about going one step further and improving the SQL syntax highlighting. New keywords might not be properly colored highlighted in the editor. This is especially true when adding a new language.…

2 minutes read - Version 4

24 October 2019

How to create a HBase table on Kerberized Hadoop clusters

Hi SQL Data Explorers, If you are using HBase with Hue on CDH6.1.x or later, you may find Hue’s check configuration fails for HBase with following error: Failed to authenticate to HBase Thrift Server, check authentication configurations. With change from HBase(HBASE-19852), we have to configure HBase properly through Cloudera Manager with following steps to enable Hue-Hbase communication. Step 1 Navigate to CM->Clusters->HBASE-1->Configurations, search for “thrift” and verify the “Enable HBase Thrift Http Server” and “Enable HBase Thrift Proxy Users” are checked, and “Enable HBase Thrift Server Compact Protocol” and “Enable HBase Thrift Server Framed Transport” are unchecked.…

2 minutes read - Version 4

17 October 2019

Easily checking for deadlinks on are getting some refreshed content continuously. In addition, a series of links not working (returning a 404) have been fixed. Here is how it was done. First we used the muffet tool. muffet is a fast link checker crawler, very easy to use: sudo snap install muffet Then after booting the hugo documentation server, we point to its url. We also blacklist certain urls to avoid some noisy false positives:…

2 minutes read - Version 4

10 October 2019

Integration with Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store Gen2

Hue continues its progress to make the Cloud platforms easier to use. We’re happy to preset compatibility with Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store Gen2 (ADLS Gen2). Hue 4.6 release brings the ability to read and write from a configured ADLS Gen2. Almost like ADLS, users can save data to ADLS Gen2 without copying or moving to HDFS. The difference between ADLS Gen1 and Gen2 is that ADLS Gen2 does not rely on the HDFS driver.…

3 minutes read - Version 4

24 September 2019

Introducing Hue requests tracing with Opentracing and Jaeger in Kubernetes

Hue is getting easy to run with its Docker container and Kubernetes Helm package. Recent blog posts describes how to get access to logs and metrics. Even in a non distributed world it can get noisy to know how much time is being spent where in each user request. Consequently, in the context of a Data Analyst, knowing why a certain query is slow can become problematic. On top of that, adding multiple tenants and users, and more than 20 external APIs and the fog about fine grain performances appears and its becomes extremely manual and time consuming to troubleshoot.…

3 minutes read - Version 4 / Development

16 September 2019

Collecting Hue metrics with Prometheus in Kubernetes

Hue is getting easy to run with its Docker container and Kubernetes Helm package. Hue metrics are useful for checking the load (how many users), slowness (average or percentile times taken by requests)… Those have been available via the /metrics page, but here is how to collect and aggregate this information in Kubernetes. Prometheus is the metric collecting system heavily used in the Kubernetes world. Here we will leverage the Microk8s distribution that bundles it.…

2 minutes read - Version 4

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