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13 December 2017

Using Hue to interact with Apache Kylin in your cluster or on AWS

This is a blog post from the community by Joanna He and Yongjie Zhao. What is Apache Kylin Apache Kylin is a leading open-source online analytical processing (OLAP) engine that’s built for interactive analytics for Big Data. It provides an ANSI-SQL interface and multi-dimensional OLAP for massive datasets. It supports consuming data in batch and streaming and offers sub-second query latency on petabyte-scale dataset. It seamlessly integrates with BI tools via ODBC driver, JDBC driver, and REST API.…

4 minutes read - Version 4

08 December 2017

Browsing Impala Query Execution within the SQL Editor

Greetings SQL aficionados! In Hue 4.2, along with ADLS support, we're introducing a new feature that is sure to make query troubleshooting easier: Impala query execution details right inside of the SQL Editor.  There are three ways to access the new browser: Best: Click on the query ID after executing a SQL query in the editor. This will open the mini job browser overlay at the current query. Having the query execution information side by side the SQL editor is especially helpful to understand the performance characteristics of your queries.…

2 minutes read - Version 4

20 November 2017

Browsing ADLS data, querying it with SQL and exporting the results back in Hue 4.2

We’re happy to present Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS) integration in Hue with Hue 4.2 release. Similarly to the S3 integration, Hue can be setup to read and write to a configured ADLS, and users can directly query from and save data to ADLS without any intermediate moving / copying to HDFS. For a detailed video walkthrough of file manipulation using ADLS in Hue, have a look: In case you missed the one for S3, here is the link to the post.…

4 minutes read - Version 4

24 August 2017

Importing data from traditional databases into HDFS/Hive in just a few clicks

There are exciting new features coming in Hue 4.1 and later in CDH 6 next year. One of which is Hue’s brand new tool to import data from relational databases to HDFS file or Hive table using Apache Sqoop 1. It enables us to bring large amount of data into the cluster in just few clicks via interactive UI. This Sqoop connector was added to the existing import data wizard of Hue.…

5 minutes read - Version 4 / Tutorial

20 July 2017

The Hue 4 user interface in detail

Aloha User Experience enthusiasts, With the Hue 4 release we introduced a modern UI on top of our existing software to facilitate data discovery and analysis on premise and in the cloud. The new UI organization The new layout simplifies the interface and is now single page app, and this makes things snappier and unifies the apps together. From top to bottom we have: A completely redesigned top bar, with a quick action (big blue button), a global search and a notification area on the right A collapsible hamburger menu that offers links to the various apps and a quick way to import data An extended quick browse on the left The main app area, where the fun is 🙂 A right Assistant panel for the current application.…

3 minutes read - Version 4

18 July 2017

Hue 4 SQL Editor improvements

Aloha SQL experts! For Hue 4 we've made numerous improvements to the Hive and Impala SQL editors greatly improving the SQL editor user experience. When working with Hive and Impala queries Hue will now provide you with autocomplete suggestions based on popularity as well as risk evaluation from Navigator Optimizer. A brand new assist panel has been added on the right hand side, containing details about the active statement as well as documentation for UDFs.…

2 minutes read - Version 4

13 July 2017

Hue 4 and its new interface is out!

Hi Big Data Explorers,  The Hue Team is glad to thanks all the contributors and release Hue 4!  In this latest updates of Hue, the focus was on providing a modern UI tailored for Analytics on prem or in the Cloud. More than 3000 commits on top of 3.12 went in! Go grab the tarball release and give it a spin! Download Here is a list of the main improvements with links to more detailed blog posts.…

3 minutes read - Version 4 / Release

11 May 2017

SQL Autocomplete popup revamp and new Create table wizard

SQL Improvements The editor keeps getting better. Below you can read about a selection of recent major improvements. Autocomplete popup revamp Like in a regular code editor, the autocomplete is split in two parts. This is to prevent hangs while fetching the metadata of the current table or columns and to display more context information like the comments, type of objects, and their full names. Autocomplete before Autocomplete in new version Apache Kudu primary keys are directly represented Create table wizard If you’ve ever struggled with creating new SQL tables from files, you’ll be happy to learn that this is now much easier.…

2 minutes read - Version 4

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