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30 May 2018

Improved SQL Exploration: SQL Context Popover & Data Catalog

Greetings SQL masters! In Hue 4.3 we've made a bunch of improvements to SQL browsing and discovery. The SQL Context Popover, available throughout Hue from the assist panels, editor etc. has a simplified layout with one-click access to the most important information about your SQL entities. We've also introduced a new File Context Popover that allows you to browse and preview files without context switching. The Table Browser has been refreshed, it's been simplified and a couple of new feature have been introduced for Navigator and Navigator Optimizer users.…

3 minutes read - Version 4

11 May 2018

Improved job scheduling monitoring

Two popular medium improvements are coming in the Job Browser to ease the monitoring of submitted jobs. Listing of the running jobs on top With HUE-8268 the experience is getting back to pre-Hue 4 where jobs were split in two categories: Running Completed (Succeeded or Failed) This simplifies monitoring a lot of running jobs. Splitting the list of jobs in "Running" and "Completed"  Disabling filtering of schedules and bundles With HUE-8267 the default time filters of schedules and bundles are removed.…

1 minute read - Version 4

01 May 2018

Simplifying the end user Data Catalog search

Data Catalog Search Before typing any query to get insights, users need to find and explore the correct datasets. The Data Catalog search usability experience has been improved in each release since. It is accessible from the top bar of the interface and offers free text search of SQL tables, columns, tags and saved queries. This is particularly useful for quickly looking up a table among thousands or finding existing queries already analysing a certain dataset.…

2 minutes read - Version 4

05 April 2018

SQL editor variables

Update June 5th 2018: boolean variables were introduced in 4.3 Greetings SQL aficionados! We've been looking for ways to do small steady improvements to the usability of our editors. Sharing In Hue 4.1, we added the ability to share any query you've saved with other Hue users so that you can collaborate and share your hard work. To share, access the editor right hand menu. Once there, you have autocomplete for the users in Hue and you can decide if they should have write access.…

2 minutes read - Version 4

04 April 2018

Hue 4.2 and its Self Service BI improvements are out!

Hi Big Data Explorers,  The Hue Team is glad to thanks all the contributors and release Hue 4.2!  Last Hue version compatible with Python 2.6, next will be 2.7 only as a major upgrade is coming next. The focus of this release was to keep making progress on the self service BI theme and prepare the ground for next release that will include an upgraded backend and a revamped Dashboard and more improvements to the Data Catalog and Query Assistance.…

2 minutes read - Version 4 / Release

02 February 2018

Easier administration of Hue with the new Threads and Metrics pages

If you are an Administrator this post is for you! (in the contrary, the SQL Editorwould be a great starting point). In our last post we talked about how to optimally configure Hue with the Analytic Database engines Impala and Hive. This post describes how troubleshooting is getting easier for administrators, with the new Threads and Metrics pages. Those are in the Administration section, which can be accessed from the user menu:…

2 minutes read - Version 4

16 January 2018

Intuitively discovering and exploring a Wine dataset with the Dynamic Dashboards

Dashboards are an easy way to quickly explore a new dataset without typing any SQL. It usually complements the analyses before or after the querying activity in the SQL Editor. In this scenario we are using Apache Solr as the analytic database backend. Goal: we are picking a Wine dataset from the Machine Learning Competition website Kaggle and want to get a feeling of the industry and select some good wines similar to one of our best ranked favorite Pink / “Rosé” wine.…

2 minutes read - Version 4

10 January 2018

Self Service BI: doing a Customer 360 by querying and joining Salesforce, Marketing and log datasets

In this demo we use the Editor to query credit card transaction data that is saved in an object store in the cloud (here S3) and in a Kudu table. The demos leverages the Data Catalog search and tagging as well as the Query Assistant. Note: Do it Yourself! The queries and data are freely available on Scenario: Digital Services International You recently launched a new streaming service: VP wants to understand support impact of this launch Marketing wants to use this to better target campaigns Goal: Build a 360-degree view of your customers to understand the support costs, product usage, time-to-resolution, and current activity in marketing channels…

1 minute read - Version 4 / Tutorial

05 January 2018

Import data to be queried via the Self Service Drag & Drop Create Table Wizard

Create table wizard If you’ve ever struggled with creating new SQL tables from files, you’ll be happy to learn that this is now much easier. With the latest Hue release, you can now create these in an ad hoc way and thereby expedite self-service analytics. The wizard has been revamped to two simple steps and also offers more formats. Now users just need to: Select a file Select the type of table And that’s it!…

1 minute read - Version 4

04 January 2018

How to optimally configure your Analytic Database for High Availability with Hue and other SQL clients

Hi Big Data Explorers, HiveServer2 and Impala support High Availability through a “load balancer”. One caveat is that Hue's underlying Thrift libraries reuse TCP connections in a pool, a single user session may not have the same Impala or Hive TCP connection. If a TCP connection is balanced away from the previously selected HiveServer2 or Impalad instance, the user session and its queries can be lost and trigger the “Results have expired” or “Invalid session Id” errors.…

4 minutes read - Version 4

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