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26 May 2021

Improved Hue Importer -- Select a file, choose a dialect, create a table

If you’ve ever struggled with configuring Hue to allow your users to create new SQL tables from CSV files on their own in the public Cloud, you’ll be happy to learn that this is now much easier. If you're a pro Hue user, then you might be familiar with the Hue Importer. It lets you create tables from a file. Until now, the file had to be available on HDFS or cloud object storage, such as S3 or ABFS.…

2 minutes read - Version 4.10 / Development / Query

23 April 2021

Provide your users proper S3 file access without giving them any credential keys

Using AWS S3 Signed URLs to list buckets, keys and manage files. SQL querying opens up your data and helps users take decisions backed by hard facts. However, what if the data they need is not present already in the Data Warehouse? In order to provide a more self service experience, they could bring their own data to query or join, then export and share the query results files etc.…

4 minutes read - Version 4.10 / Development

19 April 2021

Distribute your container App as a Package

Create and publish a Helm chart of your Kubernetes application. Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes and makes it simple to publish your app so that people can install it in three lines. For example with the Hue SQL Editor: helm repo add gethue helm repo update helm install hue gethue/hue 3-step process of packaging In the Helm world, chart is synonym of the traditional packages or modules of the Python or JavaScript world.…

2 minutes read - Version 4.10 / Development

09 March 2021

Process & Learnings when upgrading the Webserver Stack - Django Upgrade (1.11 to 3.1)

The Hue project was started around 10 years back. In the meantime some of our technologies were getting old or deprecated, hence we need to upgrade them for the bright future of HUE. So In this, the Django upgrade was one of the most important ones. We were using Django 1.11 before this upgrade, for which extended support was ended in April 2020. Goal Hue running with Django 3.1 (latest) while still being able to compile/run with 1.…

4 minutes read - Version 4.10 / Development

06 March 2021

Performing Web/API Service upgrades without Downtime

By leveraging Kubernetes rollouts. This is a series of post describing how the Hue Query Service is being built. Automation well done frees-up from repetitive manual tasks while also documenting the process: team members get more productive at working at adding value instead and keep the momentum. Now, how to update automatically the refresh of the project websites without any downtime and manual steps. as well as (and not to forget jp.…

3 minutes read - Version 4.10 / Development

04 March 2021

Introducing Vue 3 & Web Components in Hue Query Editor

The Hue project has a longevity of more than 10 years. Over these years some of the technologies we use have become rather old fashioned. So while discussing the improvements to be made in Hue, upgrading UI technology was among the top. Hue uses a combination of Mako and Knockout JS libraries to create all the UI magic. As newer libraries bring more productivity at this point, we decided to start a hunt for the latest best.…

8 minutes read - Version 4.10 / Development

14 September 2020

REST API for sending SQL queries and Browsing files

Hi Data App Builders, Are you looking at executing some SQL queries of Browsing S3 files programatically? (so that it can be automated for example) The Hue development flow continues to mature (Docker Quick Start, improved CI, shareable Web Components…) and is now getting more help on how to reuse its API. Concept The REST API is not properly public yet and can (will) be simplified in the current work in progress HUE-1450.…

7 minutes read - Version 4 / Development

15 August 2020

Automatically checking the Python style and title format of Git commits

Hi Query Engineers, The investment in Continuous Integration (CI) and automation continues in order to help scale the resource and quality of the Hue project. This past year saw a lot of improvements with: An integrated commit flow automatically run by Circle CI and websites link checking JavaScript styling and artifacts licensing check Here is the latest about how to automatically check that the coding convention of the Python API is followed by everybody as well as the format of the git commit titles.…

4 minutes read - Version 4 / Development

23 June 2020

Monitoring Hue activity with Grafana Dashboards

Besides Hue Active Users Metric Improvements, we’ve also added a new Prometheus metrics number of queries, which shows how many queries were executed in the last ten minutes. Now both of them are available in Hue’s Grafana dashboard. Let’s go to the Grafana dashboard list, you will find Hue’s Home dashboard in the Hue folder. After opening the Home dashboard, you will see four panels which list CPU, memory, active users, and number of queries.…

1 minute read - Version 4 / Development

22 June 2020

Automated checks for JavaScript modules compatible licenses and non absolute paths with Continuous Integration

Hi Interface Builders, The investment in Continuous Integration (CI) and automation continues in order to help scale the resource and quality of the Hue project. This past year saw a lot of improvements with an integrated commit flow and adding series of link checking automatically run by Circle CI. Here is the latest about how to automatically check that JavaScript artifacts have the correct licensing and do not contain absolute paths.…

2 minutes read - Version 4 / Development

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