Hue 3.8 with an Oozie Editor revamp, better performances & improved Spark UI is out!

Published on 24 April 2015 in Release - 3 minutes read - Last modified on 04 February 2020

Edit: 3.8.1 was released May 4th 2015 and is now the default version


Hi Big Data Munchers,


The Hue Team is glad to release Hue 3.8 and its improved Oozie Editor and better performances!

A new Spark REST Job Server with a Notebook UI are also appearing in a Beta version for all the eager Spark developers that would like to give it a try.

A tarball is available as well as documentation and release notes. This release is a big step forwards and comes with more than 1000 commits!





If you built custom apps, follow the upgrade guide!


Here is a summary of the main improvements (got on the 3.8 blog for more details):



New Editor (edit mode)




  • Easy way to differentiate workflows submitted manually or by coordinators
  • Sub-workflow links to corresponding workflows and logs
  • Update end time of coordinator
  • Hive jobs ids are visible


See more details about the Editor and Dashboard.






More detailed information here…


Spark Notebook (beta)






New ways to install Hue



It was a pleasure to present at Lucene Solr Revolution in Washington DC and Big Data Spain in Madrid.




Next release (3.9) will mostly focus on Spark & Search and bring general improvements/feature completeness in all the apps.


In parallel, the design & development of Hue 4 is kicking in with the goal of becoming the equivalent of “Excel for Big Data”. A fresh new look, a unification of all the apps, wizards for ingesting data… will let you use the full platform in a single UI for fast Big Data querying and prototyping!




As usual feel free to contribute to the project and participate on the hue-user list or @gethue!


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