Hue 3.7 with Sentry App and new Search widgets is out!

09 October 2014 in Release - 2 minutes read

Hi Big Data Surfers,

The Hue Team is glad to release Hue 3.7 and its new Sentry App and improved Search App!

A tarball is available as well as documentation and release notes. On top of shipping a brand new app, this release is particularly feature-packed. This is possible with all the good feedback and requests that we are receiving!

Download 3.7.1 tarball


Here is a list of the main improvements:


  • New Sentry App
  • Bulk edit roles and privileges
  • Visualize/edit roles and privileges on a database tree
  • Impersonate a user to see which databases and table he can see
  • More details here…





  • Bulk suspend/kill/resume actions on dashboards
  • Faster dashboards
  • Rerun failed coordinator instances in bulk
  • More details here…


Job Browser

Kill application button for YARN


File Browser



Kerberos support. Next step will be impersonation!



Pickup the configured Zookeeper and give a hint if pointing to the wrong Solr. Useful for installing examples in one click.


Hive / Impala



We are also trying to make the Hue project easier to develop:



What’s next?

Next planned features will bring a new and elegant Oozie Workflow Editor, faster performances and High Availability (HA), a surprise app, a simpler Spark App, more integration with Sentry and Search, and tons of polishing and ironing.

As usual, feel free to comment and send feedback on the hue-user list or @gethue!

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