File Browser Enhancements: HDFS operations made easy

Published on 08 October 2014 in - 3 minutes read - Last modified on 06 March 2021

A lot of exciting work has been done on File Browser to provide additional features and the best user experience possible. Take a look at the updates below and start using them today!

Drag and Drop Uploading

Streamlining file uploads was something that has been on our to-do list. You can now drag files from your desktop into the File Browser. The files will then be uploaded to the current directory you are viewing in File Browser.

Quick Links

We received feedback requesting a history of paths visited in File Browser. This sounded good to us so Hue now offers a History menu that keeps a running tab of the paths you visited. Currently we show the previous 10 path changes with latest displayed first.

Cleaner Actions Bar

The actions bar was getting cluttered so we decided to streamline the actions bar by providing an Actions drop-down menu that houses the commands previously listed across the top of File Browser. As a result there is less clutter and actions are grouped in a logical menu. We have kept high-use actions exposed as they are today as well as included them in the Actions menu.

Actions Context Menu

In addition to the Actions menu, Hue now offers an Actions context menu to allow for quicker selection of actions to take on an item in the File Browser. Take advantage of this feature by context clicking an item in File Browser (right-clicking with a mouse or two-finger tapping on a touch pad).

Improved Copy/Move Modals

The modal windows spawned from Copy and Move actions have been redesigned. A key feature is the new directory tree that allows you to not only select the directory to move or copy your files but also to see sub directories and create new directories directly from the tree.

Edit Permissions, Groups, Users Inline

As a superuser you may now edit the permissions, group and user attributes of a selected item in File Browser. This is in addition to performing these operations from the Actions menu. Non superusers can now edit permissions inline for the items they own.

Simplified Pagination

We took a look at pagination in File Browser and decided it was time to simplify and make it more concise at the same time. The result is a cleaner look and feel that provides enhanced readability and ease of use. In addition you can now show up to 1000 items on the page.

User Experience Improvements

Improved breadcrumb size for readability and increased click target

File Browser now provides users a note when viewing compressed data

File viewing no longer supports scrolling for file types that do not support pagination



We hope these new features allow you to be more productive and result in a better Hue experience. Let us know on the hue-user list or @gethue if there is something you would like to see!


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