Tutorial: How to run the Hue unit and integration tests?

Published on 24 July 2014 in Development - 3 minutes read - Last modified on 19 April 2021

December 2020: GitHub pull requests are now prefered https://docs.gethue.com/developer/development/#development-process

After the Review Board post, here is another tutorial about becoming an awesome Hue developer: how to run the Hue tests!

Hue has two types of tests:

  • unit tests
  • integration tests

First, clone the Hue repository and make sure that you have all the pre-requisite packages:

git clone git@github.com:cloudera/hue.git

Unit Tests

The regular unit tests do not require all this setup! Just run them directly:

build/env/bin/hue test specific beeswax.tests:test_split_statements &> a; vim a


This requires to have done an initial build of Hue with:

make apps

Integration Tests

Live cluster

The tests will run against the cluster configured in your hue.ini one if you specify:

export LIVE_CLUSTER=true

Mini cluster

The test will run in a mini cluster (mini Hadoop, Oozie, Sqoop2 and Hive) created and destroyed after each run.

Here is how to get started:

./tools/jenkins/jenkins.sh slow


You might have lost all the changes in your local pseudo hue.ini because of the `git clean` done by the script.

In order to avoid this, add this into your `~/.bashrc`:

export SKIP_CLEAN=true


To point to an Impalad and trigger the Impala tests:

export TEST_IMPALAD_HOST=impalad-01.gethue.com


./build/env/bin/hue test impalaimpalad-01.gethue.com


It is then going to download the 4 latest Hadoop, Oozie, Sqoop2 and Hive and pre-install them for you.

You can CTRL+C and kill the script when you see:

INFO: Oozie webconsole disabled, ExtJS library not specified

New Oozie WAR file with added 'JARs' at /home/romain/projects/hue-master/ext/oozie/oozie-4.0.0-cdh5.1.0/oozie-server/webapps/oozie.war

INFO: Oozie is ready to be started

+ /home/romain/projects/hue-master/ext/oozie/oozie-4.0.0-cdh5.1.0/bin/ooziedb.sh create -sqlfile oozie.sql -run


Validate DB Connection


Check DB schema does not exist


Check OOZIE_SYS table does not exist


Create SQL schema


Create OOZIE_SYS table


Oozie DB has been created for Oozie version '4.0.0-cdh5.1.0'

The SQL commands have been written to: oozie.sql

+ build_sqoop

+ check_mtime /home/romain/.hue_cache/.sqoop_mtime http://archive.cloudera.com/cdh5/cdh/5/sqoop2-1.99.3-cdh5.1.0.tar.gz

+ MTIME_FILE=/home/romain/.hue_cache/.sqoop_mtime

++ curl -Is http://archive.cloudera.com/cdh5/cdh/5/sqoop2-1.99.3-cdh5.1.0.tar.gz

++ awk 'BEGIN {FS=":"} { if ($1 == "Last-Modified") { print substr($2,2) } }'

+ MTIME='Tue, 15 Jul 2014 20'

+ echo 'Tue, 15 Jul 2014 20'

+ diff /home/romain/.hue_cache/.sqoop_mtime -

+ return 0

+ '[' '!' -f /home/romain/.hue_cache/sqoop2-1.99.3-cdh5.1.0.tar.gz ']'

+ SQOOP_DIR=/home/romain/projects/hue-master/ext/sqoop

+ export SQOOP_HOME=/home/romain/projects/hue-master/ext/sqoop/sqoop2-1.99.3-cdh5.1.0

+ SQOOP_HOME=/home/romain/projects/hue-master/ext/sqoop/sqoop2-1.99.3-cdh5.1.0

+ mkdir -p /home/romain/projects/hue-master/ext/sqoop

+ rm -rf /home/romain/projects/hue-master/ext/sqoop/sqoop2-1.99.3-cdh5.1.0

+ echo 'Unpacking /home/romain/.hue_cache/sqoop2-1.99.3-cdh5.1.0.tar.gz to /home/romain/projects/hue-master/ext/sqoop'

Unpacking /home/romain/.hue_cache/sqoop2-1.99.3-cdh5.1.0.tar.gz to /home/romain/projects/hue-master/ext/sqoop

+ tar -C /home/romain/projects/hue-master/ext/sqoop -xzf /home/romain/.hue_cache/sqoop2-1.99.3-cdh5.1.0.tar.gz

+ export SQOOP_CONF_DIR=/home/romain/projects/hue-master/ext/sqoop/sqoop2-1.99.3-cdh5.1.0/server/conf

+ SQOOP_CONF_DIR=/home/romain/projects/hue-master/ext/sqoop/sqoop2-1.99.3-cdh5.1.0/server/conf

+ rm -rf /home/romain/projects/hue-master/ext/sqoop/sqoop

+ ln -sf /home/romain/projects/hue-master/ext/sqoop/sqoop2-1.99.3-cdh5.1.0 /home/romain/projects/hue-master/ext/sqoop/sqoop

+ sed -i.bk 's/12000/${test.port.http}/g' /home/romain/projects/hue-master/ext/sqoop/sqoop2-1.99.3-cdh5.1.0/server/conf/server.xml

+ sed -i.bk 's/12001/${test.port.shutdown}/g' /home/romain/projects/hue-master/ext/sqoop/sqoop2-1.99.3-cdh5.1.0/server/conf/server.xml

+ sed -i.bk 's/localhost/${test.host.local}/g' /home/romain/projects/hue-master/ext/sqoop/sqoop2-1.99.3-cdh5.1.0/server/conf/server.xml

+ sed -i.bk 's|\(common.loader.\*$\)|\1,/home/romain/projects/hue-master/ext/hadoop/hadoop/share/hadoop/common/lib/\*.jar,/home/romain/projects/hue-master/ext/hadoop/hadoop/share/hadoop/mapreduce1/\*.jar,/home/romain/projects/hue-master/ext/hadoop/hadoop/share/hadoop/mapreduce1/lib/\*.jar|g' /home/romain/projects/hue-master/ext/sqoop/sqoop2-1.99.3-cdh5.1.0/server/conf/catalina.properties

+ sed -i.bk 's|${catalina\.base}/logs|${test.log.dir}|g' /home/romain/projects/hue-master/ext/sqoop/sqoop2-1.99.3-cdh5.1.0/server/conf/logging.properties

+ sed -i.bk 's|\@LOGDIR\@|${test.log.dir}|g' /home/romain/projects/hue-master/ext/sqoop/sqoop2-1.99.3-cdh5.1.0/server/conf/sqoop.properties

+ sed -i.bk 's|\@BASEDIR\@|${test.base.dir}|g' /home/romain/projects/hue-master/ext/sqoop/sqoop2-1.99.3-cdh5.1.0/server/conf/sqoop.properties

+ sed -i.bk 's|/etc/hadoop/conf|${test.hadoop.conf.dir}|g' /home/romain/projects/hue-master/ext/sqoop/sqoop2-1.99.3-cdh5.1.0/server/conf/sqoop.properties

+ make apps

cd /home/romain/projects/hue-master/maven && mvn install

[INFO] Scanning for projects...


[INFO] ------------------------

[INFO] Building Hue Maven Parent POM 3.6.0-SNAPSHOT

[INFO] ------------------------


[INFO] - maven-enforcer-plugin:1.0:enforce (default) @ hue-parent -


[INFO] - maven-install-plugin:2.3:install (default-install) @ hue-parent -

[INFO] Installing /home/romain/projects/hue-master/maven/pom.xml to /home/romain/.m2/repository/com/cloudera/hue/hue-parent/3.6.0-SNAPSHOT/hue-parent-3.6.0-SNAPSHOT.pom

[INFO] ------------------------


[INFO] ------------------------

[INFO] Total time: 1.488s

[INFO] Finished at: Thu Jul 24 10:46:56 PDT 2014

[INFO] Final Memory: 7M/150M

[INFO] ------------------------

And that's it! You can run all the tests or some parts with this syntax:

build/env/bin/hue test specific filebrowser.views_test:test_listdir_sort_and_filter &> a; vim a



In some cases you might need to clear up your your cache with something like:

rm /home/romain/.hue_cache/.*

then in


delete everything but




We hope that is now easier to help you contribute to Hue 😉

As usual feel free to send feedback on the hue-user list or @gethue!

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