Hue 4.5 and its improvements are out!

Hue 4.5 and its improvements are out!

Hi SQL Data Explorers,


The Hue Team is glad to thanks all the contributors and release Hue 4.5! hue-logo (copy)


The focus of this release was to modularize the tech stack, improve SQL integrations and prepare major upcoming features.

This release comes with 660 commits and 150+ bug fixes! For all the changes, check out the release notes.

Go grab the tarball or source, and give it a spin! And for a quick try, ‘docker pull gethue/4.5.0‘ or open-up demo.gethue.comIf you have a Kubernetes cluster:

helm repo add gethue 
helm repo update 
helm install gethue/hue 


Here is a list of the main improvements:


Thank you to everybody using the product and who contributed to this release. Now off to the next one! (Python 3 support, Apache Knox integration & more SQL/Cloud features)

As usual thank you to all the project contributors and for sending feedback and participating on the Forum or @gethue!