Realtime catalog search with Hue and Apache Atlas

Published on 20 June 2019 in Version 4 - 2 minutes read - Last modified on 06 March 2021

With the latest Hue (future 4.5 release), we are glad to announce that Hue integrates with Apache Atlas as backend to enable SQL users for real time data catalog searching.

Previously Hue’s catalog was powered by Cloudera Navigator only, but now the API is generic and could potentially support other Catalog services too. The nice end user experience for finding content to query can be transparently re-used.

With this first integration, Hue lists properties of entities like classifications and provides real time search among thousands of possible tables or databases:

Here is the search UI from Atlas for Data Stewards:

It is accessible from the top global search bar of the interface and offers free text search of SQL databases, tables, fields(columns), classifications and saved queries(Hue documents) similar to Hue-Navigator integration.

Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • ‘sample’ → Any table or Hue document with prefix ‘sample’ will be returned
  • ‘type:database’List all databases on this cluster

  • ‘type:table ’List all tables on this cluster

  • ‘type:field name’List tables with field(column): ‘name’

  • ‘tag:classification\_testdb5’ or ‘classification:classification\_testdb5’ List entities with classification ‘classification_testdb5’

  • ‘owner:admin’List all tables owned by ‘admin’ user


    As always, thank you for your interest and if you have any questions please feel free to comment and send feedback here or @gethue!



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