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03 May 2023

Discover the power of Apache Ozone using the Hue File Browser

Greetings, Ozone users! Hue officially supports browsing Apache Ozone using the Hue File Browser. Hue can be set-up to seamlessly read and write to a configured Apache Ozone filesystem service, and users can directly query from and save data in it. Exploring the Ozone filesystem using Hue Apache Ozone is a highly scalable, distributed storage solution for analytics, big data, and cloud native applications. It is an efficient object store and optimized for filesystem operations.…

2 minutes read - Version 5.0 / Browsing

21 September 2021

Access your data in ABFS without any credential keys!

Using Shared Access Signatures (SAS) to manage files and its operations Previously, we talked about providing S3 data access without giving out actual credentials via S3 signed URLs. This time, this feature is coming for another major cloud provider in the market, Microsoft Azure! This main use case remains the same which is to keep things simple for the end users and walk one more step on the path towards unlocking true self-service querying.…

3 minutes read - Version 4.11 / Development / Browsing

13 August 2021

Object/File Storage public REST API

Leveraging more REST API into your own project: list, upload, download… data files. This post comes with a live tutorial of the file listing API. The Hue SQL Editor project has been evolving for more than 10 years and allows you to query any Database or Data Warehouse. Like previously described in the SQL Editor API post, all the end user functionalities and under the cover grunt work of integration can be simply reused programmatically (freeing up time to let you focus on the data work itself instead).…

5 minutes read - Version 4.11 / Development / Browsing

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Discover the power of Apache Ozone using the Hue File Browser
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