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10 October 2019

Integration with Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store Gen2

Hue continues its progress to make the Cloud platforms easier to use. We’re happy to preset compatibility with Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store Gen2 (ADLS Gen2). Hue 4.6 release brings the ability to read and write from a configured ADLS Gen2. Almost like ADLS, users can save data to ADLS Gen2 without copying or moving to HDFS. The difference between ADLS Gen1 and Gen2 is that ADLS Gen2 does not rely on the HDFS driver.…

3 minutes read - Browsing / Version 4.6

09 August 2019

Built-in Hive language reference in the SQL Editor

Similarly to the Apache Impala dialect, the Editor now provides a direct access to Hive documentation in the right panel. It is also still possible to right click on an instruction to get more details about it. We hope that it makes your SQL querying even more productive!   Any feedback or question? Feel free to comment here or on the Forum or @gethue and quick start SQL querying!…

1 minute read - Querying / Browsing / Version 4.5

07 August 2019

SQL querying Apache HBase with Apache Phoenix

Apache Phoenix is a great addon to extent SQL on top of Apache HBase, the non relational distributed data store. On top of the HBase Browser, now the Editor provides a more common syntax for querying the data. Note that being a key/value store, the SQL can have different idioms, and the Editor interface still requires some polishing to fully support all the SQL UX capabilities of Hue. In this first blog post about Phoenix, let’s follow Phoenix’s 15-minute tutorial then query the US_POPULATION table via the Editor:…

2 minutes read - Querying / Browsing / Version 4.5

22 March 2019

Querying & Exploring the Instacart dataset Part 1: Ingesting the data

Self-service exploratory analytics is one of the most common use cases of the Hue users. In this tutorial, let’s see how to get started on the analysis. We will use the free Instacart dataset and start with the Importer feature. Getting the data This steps was made particularly easy by Instacart. Just go on their dataset page of 3 million orders and download the 200 MBs. Making it queryable Next step is not always trivial.…

2 minutes read - Browsing / Querying / Version 4.4

02 March 2019

Manually configure Hue in HDP

Hello Big Data users, if you have an Ambari managed HDP cluster, here is a guide of how test the latest Hue. Note that the guide focuses on the SQL Editor and HDFS Browser only and assumes a non-secure cluster setup. Step 1: On any host other than Ambari server, run following commands to compile the latest Hue and its dependencies: yum install -y git git clone sudo yum install -y ant asciidoc cyrus-sasl-devel cyrus-sasl-gssapi cyrus-sasl-plain gcc gcc-c++ krb5-devel libffi-devel libxml2-devel libxslt-devel make mysql mysql-devel openldap-devel python-devel sqlite-devel gmp-devel libtidy maven Build:…

2 minutes read - Administration / Querying / Browsing / Version 4

17 October 2018

Additional SQL improvements: Built-in Impala language reference, Improved column samples, Dark Mode

Hi SQL enthusiasts! We’ve made quite some improvements to the SQL experience in Hue 4.3, in a previous post we showed some of the new exploration improvements and now we’d like to show some additional new features in the editor. After the introduction of the UDF reference panel we’ve received requests to also include documentation for SQL syntax. It’s quite common to look at the language reference while writing certain statements and it’s annoying to have to have multiple windows open.…

2 minutes read - Browsing / Querying / Version 4

11 September 2018

How to Configure Hue to enable S3 file browser for standard or V4 regions

Hello, S3 cloud users, Hue started supporting S3 since Hue 3.9. Let’s go through the detailed steps to enable S3 on Hue for CM-managed cluster: Go to your CM UI: http://$YOURCMHost:7180/cmf/home Click on “Administration”->”External Accounts”, http://$YOURCMHost:7180/cmf/accounts?category=AWS On tab “AWS Credentials” Click on “Add Access Key Credentials” button to land following dialog Filled in your S3 key id and secret key then click “Add” to land follow page:…

2 minutes read - Browsing / Version 4

17 August 2018

Finer grain privileges in the Sentry App

Aloha Security junkies! In an upcoming release of Hue we’ve added some Sentry finer grain privileges in the Security app and, as a bonus, we’ve embedded viewing privileges directly in the Table Browser. Accordingly to what object you are applying privileges to, you will get only the available options now. To summarize what’s new, CREATE will work at the SERVER/DB scopes, while REFRESH/ALTER/DROP will work at the SERVER/DB/TABLE scopes.…

1 minute read - Administration / Browsing / Querying / Version 4

06 July 2018

Improved Oozie Workflow display of large Graphs

Hello Job Scheduler/Oozie users, Previously, the Hue Job browser didn’t display the Oozie workflow Graph in the Graph tab for complex Oozie workflows (when the number of nodes are more than 30 or the workflow depth is more than 24). Since Hue 4.3 and Oozie 5, Oozie provides an API to get an SVG image of the workflows. This new feature helps to display an SVG image of complex workflows in the Dasboard interface.…

1 minute read - Browsing / Version 4 / Scheduling

30 May 2018

Improved SQL Exploration: SQL Context Popover & Data Catalog

Greetings SQL masters! In Hue 4.3 we’ve made a bunch of improvements to SQL browsing and discovery. The SQL Context Popover, available throughout Hue from the assist panels, editor etc. has a simplified layout with one-click access to the most important information about your SQL entities. We’ve also introduced a new File Context Popover that allows you to browse and preview files without context switching. The Table Browser has been refreshed, it’s been simplified and a couple of new feature have been introduced for Navigator and Navigator Optimizer users.…

3 minutes read - Browsing / Querying / Version 4

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