SQL Editor for Apache Spark SQL with Livy

Published on 27 April 2020 in Version 4 / Spark SQL - 1 minute read - Last modified on 26 May 2021 - Read in jp

Spark SQL

Update December 2020 Executing Spark SQL via the Spark Thrift Server

Spark SQL is convenient for embedding clean data querying logic within your Spark apps. Hue brings an Editor so that it is easier to develop your SQL snippets.

As detailed in the documentation, Spark SQL comes with different connectors. Here we will just show with Livy.

Apache Livy provides a bridge to a running Spark interpreter so that SQL, pyspark and scala snippets can be executed interactively.

In the hue.ini configure the API url:

# The Livy Server URL.

And as always, make sure you have an interpreter configured:

name=Spark SQL

And that's it, the editor will appear:

Hue Spark Sql Editor

One advantage of using Hue is its File Browser for HDFS / S3 / Azure and full security (Kerberos and even using the real user credentials via Knox IdBroker integration).

Hue Phoenix Editor

Here are some of the future improvements:

  • Database/table/column autocomplete is currently empty
  • SQL grammar autocomplete can be extended
  • SQL Scratchpad module to allow a mini SQL Editor popup is in progress

Any feedback or question? Feel free to comment here or on the Forum and quick start SQL querying!

Romain from the Hue Team

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