New SQL Editor

New SQL Editor

Here is the new SQL Editor!

Hue now has a generic editor that supports any languages but currently focuses on SQL. It is a single page app that is much faster than before and simpler to use. Here is a list of some important functionalities and a video demo that show them in action:

  • No page reload when switching between queries
  • Live history of running and past queries
  • Enhanced support for Hive and Impala
  • Extendable to any programming language


  • Metadata Browsing
    • Support listing and filtering thousands of databases or tables
    • Quick links to table browsers
    • Statistics
  • Query edition
    • Smart autocomplete
    • Format a query, search and replace
    • Parameterization
    • Expanded view, fixed column/row headers, jump to a column..
    • Bar, pie, marker map, gradient map, scater plots charting
    • Links to jobs and logs
    • Solr SQL support
    • JDBC support (beta)
  • Result manipulation


We hope that this new editor makes you SQL on Hadoop even more productive! If you want to connect with other databases and engines, feel free to write a new connector or engage the community on the hue-user list. The next iteration in Hue 3.11 (~Q3 2016) will polish even more the user experience so any feedback (bug, feature..) is welcomed!


Grid result view

Grid result view


Result Widget view

Result widget view


  1. Rohan 11 months ago

    Any way to backup the notebook? Like in iPython we can backup the ipynb file and open it later.


  2. sanket 5 months ago


    I am using Hue to phoenix queries using notebook. It’s all working file but is there any way to export result as CSV? Like there is in beeswax. i searched around a lot but I only found options to make graph and other things.


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