Drag & Drop saved Hive queries into your workflows

06 June 2016 in Querying / Scheduling - 1 minute read

The Oozie Workflow editor is getting a new generic action that let’s you drag & drop any of your Hive query of the SQL Editor. Here it is in action:


  • Always in sync with the saved query
  • Autocomplete Hive parameter
  • Behave like any other actions, can fork, see the logs…
  • Generates for you the query files in the HDFS workspace


Directly adding Hive queries from the SQL Editor


We hope that you like the ease of use of this new drag & drop. Expect more type of documents like Pig, Spark, PySpark in the next Hue version!

And feel free to send feedback on the hue-user list or @gethue!

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