Hue 3.6 and the Search Dashboards are out!

Hue 3.6 and the Search Dashboards are out!

Hi Indiana Joneses of Big Data,

The Hue Team is glad to release Hue 3.6 and its new Search app! A tarball is available as well as documentation and release notes.

Example of dynamic dashboard

Example of dynamic dashboard

This new version comes with many improvements (784!), for example:

Hue 3.6 and more will be included in C5.1 in late June. If you feel adventurous download the tarball now! Thank you for all the bugs, suggestions, and feedback and the messages on @gethue!


  1. makjal 5 years ago

    I want intall hue 3.6
    but I can’t download this tarball because my firewall

    so, can’t you give me a ‘Hue 3.6 tarball’ by email?

    • Hue Team 5 years ago


      By the way, CDH packages are much easier to install!

      • makjal 5 years ago

        Checked mail.

        Thank you!! Hue Team ^__^

  2. Hari Sekhon 5 years ago

    Hey guys I can’t download the tarball – Dropbox is blocked here at the bank. Can you host it on a URL that isn’t Dropbox or something equally likely to be classified as “Personal Network Storage” by our nannying proxy?

  3. Laurent 5 years ago

    Hi Hue Team!
    This dashboard looks very nice!
    Now I want to setup this new HUE release on my Hortonworks HDP 2.1 (Ambari installed) cluster , and I wonder what’s the easiest way to set it up, ideally to also get the init.d service scripts (using centOS 6.5) out of the box.
    You mention the Cloudera CDH packages .
    Will they work well on a HDP 2.x installation (assuming that the hue.ini needs manual config, and that the older Hue rpm provided by Hortonworks has been de-installed)?
    Maybe you could provide a direct link to the CDH rpm / deb packages as well (or against Cloudera policy?)

    ps: A pity that Hortonworks only offers Hue v2.3.1. Inexplicable to me, as they don’t seem to have an alternative offering to HUE anyway!

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