SQL Improvements with row counts, sample popup and more

22 December 2016 in Querying - 2 minutes read

The Hue editor keeps getting better. Previously, we showed the new autocomplete and result refining. Here is a list of improvements coming in Hue 3.12:


Row count

The number of rows returned is displayed so you can quickly seehe size of the dataset. If the database engine does not provide the number of rows, Hue estimates the value and appends a plus sign, e.g. 100+.

Sample popup

This popup offers a quick way to see sample of the data and other statistics on databases, tables, and columns. You can open the popup from the SQL Assist or with a right-click on any SQL object (table, column, function…). In this release, it also opens faster and caches the data.


SQL Assist

The rendering of the items was rewritten and optimized. You should not experience any lag on databases with thousands of columns. The footer provides direct links to the metastore page or to the table in the assist. The popup can now be pinned iso that it is always visible while you edit your queries.

The Drag & Drop of tables and columns directly into the editor now works well with older browsers.


SQL Formatter

The SQL Formatter has a new and smarter algorithm that will make your queries look pretty with a single click!




An external contribution provided support for sending multiple queries when using Tez (instead of a maximum of just one at the time). You can turn it on with this setting:




Timeline and Pivot graphing

These visualizations are convenient for plotting chronological data or when subsets of rows have the same attribute: they will be stacked together.



Create external table

The improved support for S3 introduced the possibility of directly creating an external table in HDFS or S3.


Scalable export of query results in CSV format

Previous field delimiter of the output was hardcoded to the ^A character, large output of queries are now in JSON format which is more standard format and so can be more easily processed.

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