Solr SF Meetup: Interactively Search and Visualize Your Big Data

Published on 19 August 2015 in - 1 minute read - Last modified on 06 March 2021

Interactively Search and Visualize Your Big Data: Solr SF Meetup

Open up your user base to the data! Contrary to programming and SQL, almost everybody knows how to search. This talk describes through an interactive demo based on open source Hue how users can graphically search their data in Hadoop. The underlying technical details of the application and its interaction with Apache Solr will be clarified.

The session will detail how to get started with data indexing in just a few clicks as well as explore several data analysis scenarios with the latest Solr Analytics Facets and Spark Streaming. Through a Web browser, attendees will be shown how to explore and visualize data for quick answers. The search dashboard in Hue, with its draggable charts and dynamic interface, lets any non-technical user look for documents or patterns.

Attendees of this talk will learn how to get started with interactive search visualization in their Solr cluster.



Explore San Francisco Bike share data with a dynamic visual dashboard

Build a real time Tweet dashboard with Search and Spark





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