Hue 2.4 is released!

Published on 11 June 2013 in Release - 1 minute read - Last modified on 04 February 2020

Hi Elephant Lovers,


The Hue team is pleased to bring you Hue 2.4.0, available for download as a tarball here.


Hue 2.4.0 has a large number of fixes and usability improvements (291 commits) and comes with a new Search app. This new app integrates with Solr, Solr Cloud and Cloudera Search and lets you customize search results and facets.


The new Search app is detailed in this blog post and video.


Notable Fixes in 2.4:

  1. HUE-1267 [oozie] Import action from josub or a workflow
  2. HUE-1304 [oozie] More accurate workflow progress reporting
  3. HUE-1303 [metastore] Create a new table wizard uses CTRL+A
  4. HUE-1296 [impala] Support parameterized queries
  5. HUE-1255 [beeswax] Fix show all the queries history toggling
  6. [impala] Update hue.ini to point to HiveServer2 interface
  7. [catalog] Rename Table Browser application to Metastore Manager


Please see the release notes for more information and the documentation.

The github website has also been updated with screenshots:

Thank you for all the bugs, suggestions, and feedback!

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