Documentation revamp: making Hue easier to install, use and develop

Published on 12 April 2019 in Administration / Version 4 - 2 minutes read - Last modified on 04 February 2020

Making Hue easier to install, use and develop with a modern documentation.

While all the efforts on the improving the core SQL Experience are important, not communicating clearly about it is not very efficient. In consequence, the documentation website was rewritten and its content is now being continuously refreshed.


Can be seen in older version:


Can be seen in latest:



Table of content

It was unified in the left navigation, and we now see the four sections within the same page:

Left side Main Table of Content

Sub sections of the page are now directly fixed on the right with quick links.

Right side Table of Content

This list the next level of headers within the currently open page. Those are perfect quick links and for getting an overview of the page content.

The top header of the page is fixed and display the navigation tree used.


Easy to see and copy/paste instructions with one clip to put into the clipboard.

On the top left, it searches across all the table of content and within each page.


Reporting issues or sending a suggestion is one click away via GitHub, so feel free to send some pull requests!


Thank you to everybody using the product and who contributed. One popular ask is to make it simpler to use the SQL Connectors and this will be improved next.

As usual feel free to comment here or to send feedback to the hue-user list or @gethue!

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