Hue 3.5 and its redesign are out!

Hue 3.5 and its redesign are out!

Hi Big Elephant Lovers,

The Hue Team is glad to release Hue 3.5!

A tarball is available as well as documentation and release notes.


This new version comes with many improvements (254!), for example:

Hue 3.5 and more will be available early next year in CDH5beta2. If you feel adventurous download the tarball!

Thank you for all the bugs, suggestions, and feedback and the messages on @gethue! We have never seen so much activity!


  1. Tanuj 5 years ago

    The tarball link is not working.

    • Hue Team 5 years ago

      Hi! The tarball releases are hosted on Dropbox, please make sure you can resolve any of the Dropbox URLs! Where are you trying to download it from?

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