Using Hadoop MR2 and YARN with an alternative Job Browser interface

Published on 13 January 2014 in Browsing - 1 minute read - Last modified on 04 February 2020

Hue now defaults to using Yarn since version 3.


First, it is a bit simpler to configure Hue with MR2 than in MR1 as Hue does not need to use the Job Tracker plugin since Yarn provides a REST API. Yarn is also going to provide an equivalent of Job Tracker HA with YARN-149.

Here is how to configure the clusters in hue.ini. Mainly, if you are using a pseudo distributed cluster it will work by default. If not, you will just need to update all the localhost to the hostnames of the Resource Manager and History Server:



\# Configuration for YARN (MR2)

\# ------------------------



\# Enter the host on which you are running the ResourceManager


\# The port where the ResourceManager IPC listens on


\# Whether to submit jobs to this cluster


\# URL of the ResourceManager API


\# URL of the ProxyServer API


\# URL of the HistoryServer API


\# Configuration for MapReduce (MR1)

\# ------------------------



\# Whether to submit jobs to this cluster


And that’s it! You can now look at jobs in Job Browser, get logs and submit jobs to Yarn!


As usual feel free to comment on thehue-user list or@gethue!

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