Team retreat in the Caribbean: Curacao!

Published on 21 May 2014 in News - 1 minute read - Last modified on 04 February 2020

Bon dia!

A lot happened in the Hue project since the last Thai episode: it was time to have the team fly in a new paradisiac destination and catalyst its imagination!

Terminus Curacao: the past corsair island, now iguana territory and country!

As usual, the island atmosphere and its beach villa fully fit the team. The warm and blue water, the local food, countless fishes and a scorching sun were not strange to a sudden kick of inspiration.


Snorkeling heaven

Island History and Curacao cocktails

P1020197 (copy)

Delightful Caribbean food

New office

Beaches from Utopia


The team was pumped up by this fantastic environment and could not refrain from exploring. On top of this, innovation was at the rendez vous with the new search app!


Hue Team


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