Oozie Improvements with email notifications and extended dashboard filtering

Published on 22 December 2016 in - 2 minutes read - Last modified on 06 March 2021

Hello Oozie users,

Among other improvements, Hue 3.12 comes with two very useful updates in Oozie.

Email Notifications

With HUE-4995, it is very easy to send an email notification after a workflow execution is complete. The following steps will guide you to enable this.

In the Workflow submission popup, if your email is not already setup, the email notification checkbox is disabled

Clicking on profile button should take you to the u_seradmin_ page, where you can save your email.

After this, the workflow submission popup will show the Send completion email checkbox, which can be enabled to receive the email notification.


If SMTP server is not configured in Oozie, you will see the following configuration alert in the quick start page.

Extended Dashboard Filtering (OOZIE-2225HUE-5202)

[requires Apache Oozie 5.0+]

Just start typing in the text field to get the list of jobs whose Name or Submitter partially matches with the text. From the below picture, you can see that text sh partially matches with the names of all 4 jobs. Note that the filter is applied on all the jobs and not just the ones in the current page.

To find the one single job among thousands of submitted jobs, you should enter the complete ID as shown below.


Flag to enable Oozie backend filtering instead of doing it at the page level in Javascript. Requires Oozie 5.0+.

[oozie]<br /> enable_oozie_backend_filtering=true

As always, feel free to suggest new improvements or comment on the hue-user list or @gethue!

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