Introducing the New Login Modal and Idle Session Timeout

13 June 2016 in Administration - 1 minute read - Read in jp

With the latest release of Hue 3.10, we've added an additional security feature for Hue administrators to enforce and manage idle session timeouts in Hue. We've also improved the experience of re-authenticating into Hue when a user's session is timed out by introducing a new login modal.

Hue now offers a new property, idle_session_timeout, that can be configured in the hue.ini file:


When idle_session_timeout is set, users will automatically be logged out after N (e.g. - 600) seconds of inactivity and be prompted to login again:

If a user's Hue session has timed out but the user still has an active Hive or Impala session open, a login modal will appear above the current view and allow the user to login and resume their current query session:

Setting the idle_session_timeout to a negative number means that idle sessions will not be timed out. By default, the idle_session_timeout is set to -1.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or on the hue-user list or @gethue

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