DBQuery App: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and Sqlite Query Editors

Published on 11 November 2013 in Querying - 2 minutes read - Last modified on 04 February 2020

In Thailand, a brand new application that enables viewing data in MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and Sqlite has been committed.

Inspired from the Beeswax application, it allows you to query a relational database and view it in a table.

Example of configuration in hue.ini:


\# The RDBMS app can have any number of databases configured in the databases

\# section. A database is known by its section name

\# (IE sqlite, mysql, psql, and oracle in the list below).


\# sqlite configuration.


\# Name to show in the UI.


\# For SQLite, name defines the path to the database.


\# Database backend to use.


\# mysql, oracle, or postgresql configuration.


\# Name to show in the UI.

nice_name="My SQL DB"

\# For MySQL and PostgreSQL, name is the name of the database.

\# For Oracle, Name is instance of the Oracle server. For express edition

\# this is 'xe' by default.


\# Database backend to use. This can be:

\# 1. mysql

\# 2. postgresql

\# 3. oracle


\# IP or hostname of the database to connect to.

\## host=localhost

\# Port the database server is listening to. Defaults are:

\# 1. MySQL: 3306

\# 2. PostgreSQL: 5432

\# 3. Oracle Express Edition: 1521

\## port=3306

\# Username to authenticate with when connecting to the database.


\# Password matching the username to authenticate with when

\# connecting to the database.


Note: you can look at the Hue database guide for installing the DB connectors


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