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06 July 2018

Improved Oozie Workflow display of large Graphs

Hello Job Scheduler/Oozie users, Previously, the Hue Job browser didn’t display the Oozie workflow Graph in the Graph tab for complex Oozie workflows (when the number of nodes are more than 30 or the workflow depth is more than 24). Since Hue 4.3 and Oozie 5, Oozie provides an API to get an SVG image of the workflows. This new feature helps to display an SVG image of complex workflows in the Dasboard interface.…

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11 May 2018

Improved job scheduling monitoring

Two popular medium improvements are coming in the Job Browser to ease the monitoring of submitted jobs. Listing of the running jobs on top With HUE-8268 the experience is getting back to pre-Hue 4 where jobs were split in two categories: Running Completed (Succeeded or Failed) This simplifies monitoring a lot of running jobs. Splitting the list of jobs in "Running" and "Completed"  Disabling filtering of schedules and bundles With HUE-8267 the default time filters of schedules and bundles are removed.…

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22 December 2016

Oozie Improvements with email notifications and extended dashboard filtering

Hello Oozie users, Among other improvements, Hue 3.12 comes with two very useful updates in Oozie. Email Notifications With HUE-4995, it is very easy to send an email notification after a workflow execution is complete. The following steps will guide you to enable this. In the Workflow submission popup, if your email is not already setup, the email notification checkbox is disabled Clicking on profile button should take you to the u_seradmin_ page, where you can save your email.…

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22 December 2016

Upload large archive files to HDFS and extract them in the background

Hello Hue users, Hue supports extraction of Zip, Tgz and Bz2 archives via File Browser app. With this improvement, you will be able to perform the archive extraction as an external Oozie job that has no performance impact on Hue. Here are the steps to achieve this. First, upload the archive as a file using the File Browser app. Select the archive you want to extract and you will notice that Submit button appear besides the Trash button.…

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23 August 2016

How to Submit Spark jobs with Spark on YARN and Oozie

How to run Spark jobs with Spark on YARN? This often requires trial and error in order to make it work. Hue is leveraging Apache Oozie to submit the jobs. It focuses on the yarn-client mode, as Oozie is already running the spark-summit command in a MapReduce2 task in the cluster. You can read more about the Spark modes here. Here is how to get started successfully: PySpark Simple script with no dependency.…

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06 June 2016

Drag & Drop saved Hive queries into your workflows

The Oozie Workflow editor is getting a new generic action that let's you drag & drop any of your Hive query of the SQL Editor. Here it is in action:   Always in sync with the saved query Autocomplete Hive parameter Behave like any other actions, can fork, see the logs… Generates for you the query files in the HDFS workspace  Directly adding Hive queries from the SQL Editor  We hope that you like the ease of use of this new drag & drop.…

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15 March 2016

Oozie performance and usability improvements in Hue 3.10

Hello Oozie users,

We are really excited to announce several improvements for Oozie in the upcoming Hue 3.10 (~April ETA) that enhance its usability and robustness. Here is the new feature list.


**External Workflow Graph

** Hue supports workflow execution from Workflow Editor and File-browser. After submission, Hue takes the user to the Workflow dashboard page that shows the execution flow graph among other data. Earlier, this functionality was only supported when the workflow was submitted from the Editor. This feature enables us to see the graph for workflows submitted form File-browser as well as the ones submitted from CLI. Here is a video that demonstrates this.


**Single Action Execution

** This feature enables you to execute actions individually after a workflow is saved. Using the play button at the top right corner of an action, you can submit an individual action which helps you to test the correctness of your workflow.

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04 January 2016

Use the Spark Action in Oozie

Update September 2016: this post is getting replaced by Hue offers a notebook for Hadoop and Spark, but here are the following steps that will successfully guide you to execute a Spark Action from the Oozie Editor. Run job in Spark Local Mode To submit a job locally, Spark Master can be one of the following local: Run Spark locally with one worker thread. local[k]: Run Spark locally with K worker threads.…

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22 October 2015

Use the Shell Action in Oozie

The following steps will successfully guide you to execute a Shell Action form Oozie Editor. If the executable is a standard Unix command, you can directly enter it in the Shell Command field and click Add button. Arguments to the command can be added by clicking the Arguments+ button. ${VARIABLE} syntax will allow you to dynamically enter the value via Submit popup. If using Hue version less than 4.…

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11 August 2015

Oozie Dashboard Improvements in Hue 3.9

Hello Oozie users, Hue 3.9 release comes with several improvements for Oozie dashboard making it more robust and scalable. Here is a video demoing the new features: The new feature list: Paginate all the Workflow / Coordinator / Bundle dashboard lists. Now you can see them all and filter by status. Paginate all the Coordinator actions. Moved Coordinator action filters to backend. This will result in more accurate filtering and easy navigation across all actions.…

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