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15 January 2017

Team retreat in Malaysia and Cambodia!

Selamat pagi, ជំរាបសួរ! After the cold and beers of Riga, the team headed in South-East Asia for its next product development retreat and discovery of other cultures. There, nice (and humid) temperatures, visits of golden Buddhas, magnificent temples in Angkor Wat, tuk tuk rides, local spicy food were favorable to a lot of creativity and progress on the next parts of Hue! Onwards! Hue Team…

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29 October 2016

Team retreat in Riga!

Sveiki! After the sun and “ethical” food of Portland, the team headed for a chilly & pretty Riga, Latvia. There, among a very walk-able city, excellent food and craft beers, history and excellent restaurants the team pushed through the midway of the next Hue 3.12 release that should land at this end of the year! Onwards! Hue Team    

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16 August 2016

Mini Team retreat in Portland!

Hello! After a last retreat in Bloemendaal and a stint in Las Vegas, the team went for a few days on the West coast of the USA: Portland! There, from a patio in the sun, surrounded by green, craft beers and “ethical” food, the team put the last touch of the upcoming Hue 3.11!  Onwards! Hue Team

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30 June 2016

Work hard and see the world! Some tips to have a wonderful team retreat

Dear Hue followers and globetrotters, After all these years of traveling around with the team we thought about sharing our process for organizing one of these extremely important events, both for team spirit (especially for a distributed team as we are) and product development. In the past three years we have been to Thailand, Curaçao, Philippines, Israel, Hawaii, Holland, Spain (twice), Nicaragua, Belize and we are currently planning the next one that is gonna bring us to the wonderful country of Malaysia.…

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29 June 2016

Hadoop Summit San Jose 2016 – Hue SQL Editor and Architecture

Presentation of the new SQL Editor.

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09 May 2016

Mini Team retreat in Bloemendaal

Hallo! After a last retreat in Vietnam, the team went for a few days on the coast of the country of the windmills, beer and tulips: Holland! There, from a sea view apartment, the team enjoyed the somehow sunny weather and worked on the last touches of the upcoming Hue 3.10!    Onwards! Hue Team

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04 May 2016

The Hue team development process

Hello potential Hue developers! 🙂 We want to share with you the development process we've been refining during the past years. This is what makes the Hue team ultra fast and efficient. Ready? Go! All the changes (new features, improvements, bugs) need to be tracked. We use JIRA. The changes should have a pseudo-mnemonic short ID (ie: HUE-123). That comes for free on JIRA but it requires a bit of programming on other systems.…

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27 February 2016

Team retreat in Vietnam

Chào bạn! After a last retreat in Europe, the team went to the other side of the world in South East Asia: Vietnam! There, a bustling Ho Chi Minh City, banh mis, pho bos, warm waters, gorgeous weather on the coast were on the menu! (as well as some new exciting Hue features for the next release :))    Onwards! Hue Team…

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10 November 2015

Team retreat in Spain & Amsterdam

Hola / Hallo! It has been a while since the last Team Retreat. The Spark Summit in Amsterdam was a good opportunity for meeting in Europe. A stopover in Spain was added, as a beach / warm weather are required for qualifying as a retreat!    Onwards! Hue Team   Tarifa    Amsterdam

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28 October 2015

Spark Summit Europe: Building a REST Job Server for interactive Spark as a service

Building a REST Job Server for interactive Spark as a service Livy is a new open source Spark REST Server for submitting and interacting with your Spark jobs from anywhere. Livy is conceptually based on the incredibly popular IPython/Jupyter, but implemented to better integrate into the Hadoop ecosystem with multi users. Spark can now be offered as a service to anyone in a simple way: Spark shells in Python or Scala can be ran by Livy in the cluster while the end user is manipulating them at his own convenience through a REST api.…

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