A new UI for Oozie

A new UI for Oozie

Apache Oozie is a great tool for building workflows of Hadoop jobs and scheduling them repeatedly. However, the user experience could be improved. In particular, all the job management happens on the command line and the default UI is readonly and requires a non-Apache licensed javascript library that makes it even more difficult to use.


Current Oozie UI


New Oozie UI


Here is a short video demo:

The UI just sits on top of Oozie like the current Oozie UI. You can download a release here.

The README is available online as well as the source code on github and details how to install and start the UI.


Feature list

  • Workflows, Coordinators, Bundles dashboards
  • Built with standard and current Web technologies
  • Filtering, sorting, progress bars, XML highlighting
  • Kill, suspend, and re-run jobs from the UI
  • One click access to Oozie logs or MapReduce launcher logs
  • One click access to the HDFS outputs of the jobs
  • Spotlight search about Oozie instrumentation/configuration


We hope that you give a try to this new standalone UI. In the next version, we can see for providing some packages for a quicker install. As a side note, Oozie users who would like to try a Workflow/Coordinator/Bundle editor could have a look to the Hue Oozie app.


As usual, we are welcoming any feedback!


  1. Fabrice 4 years ago

    The embed code for the video is not valid.
    The link to the video is: https://player.vimeo.com/video/66732338

    • Hue Team 4 years ago

      Thanks Fabrice!

  2. Hanzallah 2 years ago

    i made a job from Hue’s UI that was taking streams of data from twitter. The job finished in about a minute with success status but initially I forgot to put in the time properties in the job.properties file and it is still streaming data since last 5 hours and i am unable to find a solution. is there any way to stop that?

  3. Mahesh 1 year ago

    The embedded link for “Hue Oozie App” is not working. Redirect ed to URL not found. Please fix this

    • Author
      Hue Team 1 year ago

      Fixed! (pretty old post by the way)

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