Team retreat in the Caribbean: Curacao!

Team retreat in the Caribbean: Curacao!

Bon dia!

A lot happened in the Hue project since the last Thai episode: it was time to have the team fly in a new paradisiac destination and catalyst its imagination!

Terminus Curacao: the past corsair island, now iguana territory and country!

As usual, the island atmosphere and its beach villa fully fit the team. The warm and blue water, the local food, countless fishes and a scorching sun were not strange to a sudden kick of inspiration.


Snorkeling heaven




Island History and Curacao cocktails


P1020197 (copy)



Delightful Caribbean food




New office




Beaches from Utopia





The team was pumped up by this fantastic environment and could not refrain from exploring. On top of this, innovation was at the rendez vous with the new search app!


Hue Team




  1. Jeanclaude 4 years ago

    Enjoy your paradise guys!

    Any more info on the new search app?
    Would it be possible to upgrade the solr engine to the latest one (the current version is to old for my purposes)?

    Thanks !

  2. Hue Team 4 years ago


    We are going to blog and make it available next week. It is currently based on Solr 4.4 but 4.8 in 1 month I think (but it should not matter as the Solr API is pretty compatible, let us know what are the problems?).

    • JeanClaude 4 years ago

      No problem yet but I’m interested in using some new features (and one bug that is affecting me is fixed):

      Did you guys added an “Export all results” feature or being able to customize the number of results on the page in the new version?
      I customized the search.mako template to do it.

      I can’t wait to see the new version!


      • Hue Team 4 years ago

        We pushed the code and will polish a bit for C5.1. We will blog this week and put up the demo too.

        We added a download button but only if less than 1000 results for now as it can swamp the Hue server. Maybe we could show the button in any case but max the downloaded records to 1000.

        Yes, the number of results is dynamically configurable which is sweet.

  3. Peter 4 years ago

    What hotel did you stay at? Looks nice!

    • Hue Team 3 years ago

      I forgot the name, but it was literally on Lagoon!

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