Solving the Hue 2.X hanging problem

Solving the Hue 2.X hanging problem

In the Hue versions before 3, Hue is sometimes getting slow and “stuck”. To fix this problem, it is recommended to switch Hue to use the CherryPy server instead of Spawning. In the hue.ini or the Hue Safety Valve in CM, enter:

use_cherrypy_server = true

Most of the time some timeout/Thrift errors can be seen in the Hue logs (/logs page). These errors are due to Beeswax crashing or being very slow and blocking all the requests as the Spawing Server is not perfectly greenified in Hue 2 (the unique Thread is blocked in the RPC IO call). This is fixed in CDH5 and improved in CDH4.5 by switching to HiveServer2.

CherryPy use 10 threads which is a good default. For more performance, 30 can be used.

Note: switching to CherryPy will disable the Shell Application but this one is replaced by the HBase Browser, Sqoop2 Editor and Pig Editor applications.