Quick Task: Restrict Number of Concurrent Sessions Per User

Hue administrators can restrict the number of concurrent sessions per user. The default value is 0 to represent no restrictions. In that case, a user can have as many simultaneous Hue sessions, i.e. logins, as he wishes. For security purposes, this can be restricted. When it is, normally the concurrent_user_session_limit is set to 1.


When concurrent_user_session_limit is set to 1 any session, i.e. on a different machine or browser, in excess of 1 is removed by eldest. If a user gets logged out automatically, then he or she can assume somebody else is logging in as his/her credential on a different machine.


  1. Most of the browsers for example Chrome is sharing the same session between windows or tabs.
  2. This feature is not for restricting how many queries user can submit to Hive/Impala. Instead, they should set the Hive/YARN and Impala resource management pools properly (at the query engine, not the clients like Hue).