Hue is an open source SQL Workbench for Data Warehouses

Hue is a visual interface sitting between huge amount of data in Data Warehouses and advanced BI tools/Machine Learning algorithms. It targets the modern Data App developer so that he/she can get started on data projects quickly. Hue also democratizes access to data for the Data Analysts and normal users, similarly to what Excel did in the past century. It provides self service analytics so that the organizations become more data driven in a decentralized way. Hue does not add any magic and is a like a super shell: IT admins host Hue like any Webapp and all the user interactions are done as the actual end users.

The goal is not to provide the fanciest ingest pipelines or charts, but to let more people leverage the data platform to answer basic business questions (e.g. how many visits do we get every day, how many sales orders did we get last week after our marketing campaign…) without the need to bug the IT/Domain Experts/Data Teams.


For anybody who tried to get a competitive edge and find insights, these 3 challenges should sound familiar:

  1. Where is the data?

If it is already in a pipeline owned by the data team, the users can browse and search for datasets. Ad hoc data, can easily upload it, reference files in the cloud and in 2 steps get it in the system. Is there a traditional database pipeline to offload? Hue can help prototyping it in a a few clicks without spending hours on the technical and ETL issues.

  1. How to query the data?

Most advanced users leverage the smart Query Editor and its assistant that bubbles-up the most essential features among the hundreds of possible choice and provides best in the world autocompletion and risk alerts that guide toward typing efficient queries.

Less technical users enjoy a set of discoverable canned queries and presentations that they can copy and adapt. No need to create tens of reports, as the dynamic dashboards and a query builder make it easy to surface the insights.

  1. What can I do with the results?

Typically results can be visualized, quickly charted and then pasted into an application or a report. Popular options are downloads as Excel files, clipboard copy or export to dynamic dashboards for more interactive drill down. If the a similar question will come back in the future, save the query, share it or moved it to an official pipeline so that it surfaces in your favorite BI or ingest tools via the Scheduler. Group queries and visualizations together into solution apps.

All the commands generated by Hue (e.g. import a relational DBs table into the cluster, subscribe to a stream of live data etc…) are provided to the App Developer so that he/she can be assisted and use the platform more easily.


Forget the technical hurdles, enable developers productivity to create optimized datasets for business users and let regular users find and answer questions by themselves.