Job Browsing Improvements

Hue 3.12 comes with two significant job browsing improvements that make the navigation among thousands of jobs much simpler. Here is a demo describing the changes in detail.

Extended Oozie Dashboard Filtering

With this improvement, you can search for:

  • Jobs with partial match on either the Name or Submitter of the job.
  • Results across all pages and not just the page you are in.
  • The one single job among thousands of submitted jobs by entering the complete ID.

Job Browser Start Time Filter

This filter allows to user the easily navigate to the older jobs, especially if the total job count is greater than 1000 (current limit). Yarn returns the oldest jobs by default and not the most recent ones. This improvement will help the user to workaround this limitation by only getting the jobs run in the last ‘n’ days|hours|minutes.


As always, feel free to suggest new improvements or comment on the hue-user list or @gethue!