Improved Bar and Timeline chart usability

Improved Bar and Timeline chart usability

Greetings data explorers!

One of the lesser known feature of Hue is its ability to create dynamic dashboards with a variety of charts. We’re happy to announce usability and stability improvements coming to the bar and line charts in Hue 4.3. Let’s dive into them!


Selection options

Hue bar and line charts have 2 selections modes. The range select option is available when data on the x axis is continuous (e.g. numbers, dates).

The single select option is used for text.

In Hue 4.3, the appropriate selection mode is automatically used based on the fields you’ve chosen.

Mouse over

The ability to mouse over to dig into the details of a chart is important. Hue now shows mouse over details in both single select and range selection modes. In addition, Hue shows mouse over details for the closest data point to ease those hard to reach data points and multiple series are displayed where appropriate.


You can now zoom in both bar & line chart. Instead of automatically zooming on selection, you now have to be more deliberate so that you can zoom in and select separately.



With the ability to display multiple series, Hue needed to change how it displayed its legend. The legend is now displayed on the right and you can now scroll through all the series.

Time Formatting

To improve legibility of reading many dates, Hue now changes the formatting based on the difference between the displayed values. For example, when reviewing data across many years, Hue simply displays years, while for smaller differences Hue will show the appropriate resolution.

Interval selection

Hue now automatically selects the appropriate interval depending on the range and the number of intervals that can be displayed on your screen. For example, if you’re looking at the past 5 minutes of data and Hue can display 10 results legibly, Hue will show 30 second intervals. If Hue can display 20 results for the same 5 minutes, Hue will show 15 seconds intervals. If you need to see at a higher resolution, you can zoom in.

To improve live dashboards, Hue is now consistent in the start and end time of intervals so that when new data comes in you can now easily see its impact on the chart.

We can’t wait to hear about your feedback on the new usability changes for bar and line chart in Hue at hue-user list or @gethue!


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