Hueber is launching, just tap for getting your Big Data Cloud!

Hueber is launching, just tap for getting your Big Data Cloud!

Our society is becoming more and more ubiquitous. People want instant access to anything, ranging from cars, food, houses… to news, files, messages, photos and even videos.

Cloud Computing and Big Data are also becoming mainstream, everybody has heard of it and wants to use it.


A big potential is there…

… and today we have merged the power of Cloud computing with the Mobile Sharing economy to create…




“Hueber”! Just tap your phone to get Hadoop in the Cloud!




Do you need some Computers?

Just open the Hueber app on your phone and send a request:



Want them in other countries?

Just zoom out a bit!



Want a Cloud in another continent?

Zoom even more!



The service matches you with any available Cloud resource…




… or works even in places with complicated names




It is now easy to put all your Big Data in a Cloud!


Later, when you are analysing your data, in case you need help for a SQL query?

Just request a Data Analyst close to you for 5 minutes.



Want a pretty graph for a report?

Get someone with DataViz skills! Just beware, it will cost you 2x more!




Give Hueber a try, it is free and open source, and you are welcome to send feedback!


Go to Hueber!