Hue 3 and the new Sqoop and ZooKeeper apps are out!

Hue 3 and the new Sqoop and ZooKeeper apps are out!

Hi Big Data Surfers,

The Hue team is pleased to bring you Hue 3.0, available as a tarball release.

Please see the release notes for more information and the documentation.

Hue 3.0 brings a browser for ZooKeeper and 245 commits. The tech stack was upgraded and a new phase of redesign was performed in order to improve the UX.

Notable Features

  • Sqoop 

    With the Sqoop 2 application data from databases can be easily exported or imported into HDFS in a scalable way. The Job Wizard hides the complexity of creating Sqoop jobs and the dashboard offers a live progress and log access.image

  • ZooKeeper 

    Navigate and browse the Znode hierarchy and content of a Zookeeper cluster. Znodes can be added, deleted and edited.
    Multi-clusters are supported and their various statistics are available.image

  • Shell app is removed and replaced by Pig Editor, HBase Browser and the Sqoop apps. 
  • Python 2.6 is required. 
  • Beeswax daemon is replaced by HiveServer2. 

Notable Fixes

  • HUE-897 [core] Redesign of the overall layout
  • HUE-1521 [core] Improve JT HA
  • HUE-1493 [beeswax] Replace Beeswaxd by HiveServer2
  • HUE-1474 [core] upgrade django from 1.2 to 1.4
  • HUE-1506 [search] Impersonation support
  • HUE-1475 [core] Switch back from spawning server


Thank you for all the bugs, suggestions, and feedback and stay tuned, a few major changes could not make it to 3.0 but will land soon!

Follow @gethue for the latest updates!


The Hue team


  1. Murali Meesala 3 years ago

    HUE Support Team,

    Can you please help me to get the documentation on Sqoop with HUE 3.9.0. I am using HDP- version. When i tried configured sqoop app on HUE 3.9.0. Its not working. HUE.3.9.0 –> DataBrowsers –> Sqoop Transfer — is not working.

    What is the supported version of SQOOP to work with HUE 3.9.0. Need proper steps to implement in HDP

    • Hue Team 3 years ago

      What does it mean it’s not working? What do you see? Can you post a screenshot?
      Also, we have a very low experience with HDP, you probably have more luck on the HDP forums 🙂

      • Artur 2 years ago

        Sqoop doesnt work at all in hue 3.9. I’ve already tried sqoop 1.99.5, 1.99.6 and 1.997. The error is
        And it happens whenever you try to do anything – create/update link or job

  2. renfei 3 years ago

    HUE Support Team,
    which HUE version can manage sqoop1.99.6

  3. roberto 2 years ago


    from the sqoop app i get this error:

    Sqoop error: Could not get connectors.

    • Author
      Hue Team 2 years ago

      Hi! Which version of Hue are you using? And is it part of a CDH installation or something else? Thanks!

      • Artur 2 years ago

        This is an error in 1.99.7 since they’ve changed API

        • Author
          Hue Team 2 years ago

          The plan is to have a look this summer to fix the bugs, or make it easier to use Sqoop1 until Sqoop2 is GA.

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