YARN Resource Manager High Availability (HA) in MR2

YARN Resource Manager High Availability (HA) in MR2

Similarly to the JobTracker High Availability configuration for MR1, Hue supports (since today’s date in master or Hue 3.7 or CDH5.1) more than one Resource Manager in case the Resource Manager goes down.

Hue will automatically pick up the active Resource Manager even if it failed over. This is possible because:

  • When submitting Oozie jobs, the logical name of the Resource Manager is used instead of the hostname of the current Resource Manager
  • Job Browser will automatically look for the active Resource Manager API if needed

Here is an example of configuration for the [[yarn_clusters]] section in hue.ini:


  # Configuration for YARN (MR2)
  # ------------------------------------------------------------------------


      # Whether to submit jobs to this cluster

      # Name used when submitting jobs

      # URL of the ResourceManager API

      # URL of the ProxyServer API

      # URL of the HistoryServer API

      # Enter the host on which you are running the failover Resource Manager

We hope that the multi Resource Manager support will make your life with Hadoop easier!

As usual feel free to send feedback on the hue-user list or @gethue!