Submit any Oozie jobs directly from HDFS

Submit any Oozie jobs directly from HDFS

With HUE-1476, users can submit Oozie jobs directly from HDFS. Just upload your configuration or browse an existing workspace and select a workflow, coordinator or bundle. A submit button will appear and let you execute the job in one click!

File Browser supports:

  • Parameters from workflow.xml, coordinator.xml, bundle.xml
  • Parameters from

Oozie Dashboard supports:

  • Dynamic progress and log report
  • One click MapReduce log access
  • Stop, Pause, Rerun buttons


Here is the workflow tutorial used in the video demo.

Of course, the Oozie Editor is still recommended if you want to avoid any XML 🙂


  1. Kashinath 5 years ago


    I want to run a Map Reduce jobs and other python scripts from Hue UI on Hadoop Cluster.
    Please let me know how to do this? I installed Hadoop on my Laptop and want to test jobs run from GUI.
    Please let me know how to use Oozie and Hue here. Any Documents and Videos that will help me to do this?

    If I do successfully, then we can use it in our Project. How to get support for Hue and Oozie?

    Please let me know how do I can start? I am new to Oozie and Hue. I know Map Reduce, HDFS, Python and shell scripting.

    Thank you!

  2. Yuvakumar R 1 year ago

    This is awesome, and am able to run the shell action workflows using this way, thank you for this. Can you please tell me how to schedule the jobs? so that the job is run at scheduled time? will this work, if i create a coordinator, can you please provide a sample video or guide me on the same.



  3. satish 1 year ago

    Can we pass the variable/parameter for the oozie task(hive/sqoop/shell) from any hdfs file(Not from )?

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