Browse Metadata

The app is a single page and offers speed and more accessible statistics and data preview.

New UI

Fresh restart

The front-end has been rewritten to be slicker and more user-friendly. More information is displayed and navigating across tabs is seamless as it no longer entails a page refresh.


Table specific page after


Table list page

Table and column comments can be edited in a single click.



Creation wizards

We also refreshed the wizard for creating tables and databases quickly, whether designing the schema manually or automatically from a sample file.

blog-57-create table




Data rich


Stats are easier to access than before. Most of the database and table metadata are displayed on top. Top values, min, max can also be retrieved and refreshed directly from the UI. Links to HDFS locations are automatically


Preview data

The first few rows of table data are displayed on the first page to provide users with a convenient quick preview.



Browse Partitions

Regardless of a table’s partition locations, Hue’s metastore now enables you to browse all the partitions in the table, by clicking the “Show Partitions” link from the table view. By default, the partitions view will sort the partitions in reverse order by name (or newest first, if partitioned by date) and display the first 250 partitions.

If you’re searching for a specific set of partitions however, you can now filter on a partition value by clicking the “Add a filter” link, selecting and specifying the filter parameter, then clicking the “Filter” button! Note that multiple partition filters can be added as needed to refine your query, and you can also disable the default sort order to retrieve partition results in alphabetically ascending order.

Filter, Sort and Browse Hive Partitions with Hue’s Metastore from The Hue Team on Vimeo.

Finally, you can view the data files in any partition by clicking the “View Partition Files” link which will take you to the filebrowser for that partition’s location.

Metastore Partition View

Partition File Browser