Manually configure Hue in HDP

Manually configure Hue in HDP

Hello Big Data users,

if you have an Ambari managed HDP cluster, here is a guide of how test the latest Hue. Note that the guide focuses on the SQL Editor and HDFS Browser only and assumes a non-secure cluster setup.

Step 1:
On any host other than Ambari server, run following commands to compile the latest Hue and its dependencies:

yum install -y git
git clone
sudo yum install -y ant asciidoc cyrus-sasl-devel cyrus-sasl-gssapi cyrus-sasl-plain gcc gcc-c++ krb5-devel libffi-devel libxml2-devel libxslt-devel make  mysql mysql-devel openldap-devel python-devel sqlite-devel gmp-devel libtidy maven


cd hue
sudo make apps

Step 2:
Update Ambari Configurations
1. Go to HDFS --> Configs --> Advanced Scroll down to expand “Custom core-site”, then click on “Add Property…” to add “hadoop.proxyuser.hue.hosts:*” and “hadoop.proxyuser.hue.groups:*” then “Save” as following.

2. On Ambari UI check YARN --> Config --> Advanced --> Advanced yarn-site yarn.resourcemanager.webapp.address and add it in hue.ini

3. On MySql server host usually host-1 create the Hue database:

ssh [email protected]
create user 'hueuser'@'localhost' identified by 'huepassword';
create database huedb default character set utf8 default collate utf8_general_ci;
grant all on huedb.* to 'hueuser'@'%' identified by 'huepassword';

4. On hue host update the hue.ini with following values

 ssh [email protected]
 vim ~/hue/desktop/conf/pseudo-distributed.ini
And run:
cd hue build/env/bin/hue syncdb
build/env/bin/hue migrate
build/env/bin/hue runcpserver

5. Go to the to explore more and the configuration page for adding more components!

As always please feel free to comment and send feedback on the hue-user list or @gethue!