Big Data Spain 2014: Big Data Web applications for Interactive Hadoop

Big Data Spain 2014: Big Data Web applications for Interactive Hadoop

Big Data Web applications for Interactive Hadoop
Presented by Enrico Berti

This talk describes how open source Hue was built in order to provide a better Hadoop User Experience. The underlying technical details of its architecture, the lessons learned and how it integrates with Impala, Search and Spark under the cover will be explained.

The presentation continues with real life analytics business use cases. It will show how data can be easily imported into the cluster and then queried interactively with SQL or through a visual search dashboard. All through your Web Browser or your own custom Web application!

This talk aims at organizations trying to put a friendly “face” on Hadoop and get productive. Anybody looking at being more effective with Hadoop will also learn best practices and how to quickly get ramped up on the main data scenarios. Hue can be integrated with existing Hadoop deployments with minimal changes/disturbances. We cover details on how Hue interacts with the ecosystem and leverages the existing authentication and security model of your company.

To sum-up, attendees of this talk will learn how Hadoop can be made more accessible and why Hue is the ideal gateway for using it more efficiently or being the starting point of your own Big Data Web application.


The video of the talk


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