Let’s big data.

Hue is a Web interface for analyzing data with Apache Hadoop.

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Free & Open Source

Public source code with an active community
Latest version is 3.8.

Be productive

Query and visualize data directly from your Browser

100% Compatible

Works with ANY Hadoop

Pixels pushed.

Glasses of coconut water consumed.

Crepes eaten.

A few things about Hue…


Load your data into Hadoop

View it, process it, prepare it

Analyze, search, visualize it!

Here are the details about the lastest Hue 3.8 release!



Click to view an Interactive SQL demo!


Example of dynamic dashboard

Click to view the Dynamic Search dashboard demo!

A few of Hue’s core features

Just use Hadoop

Hue’s target is the Hadoop user experience and lets users focus on getting results faster and sooner. Hue is a mature web-based application used by fortune 500 companies, startups, students…

Build your own app

Hue comes with an SDK that lets you reuse Hue’s libraries so you can start building apps on top of Hadoop.

Available in 8 other languages

Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, simplified Chinese and Korean.